Tip How To Sharpen Forstner Bits

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I have been drilling holes in PVC baits and that dulls up the bit pretty fast. I decided to give a try with a stone, using the narrow side, it works good I tested it on a piece of hard wood cuts good again


I hold the bit in my right hand between my thumb and index finger I lay the bit on the flat side machined angle and I make sure I am looking at the edge and maintain the angle than give a bunch of easy strokes, than  I lay the bit on the the top edge beside the point and do the same again, keep looking at the edge keeping the same angle. Repeat on the other side and you should have a sharp bit again. It is not hard at all the stone fits on the bevel sides easly, just use gentle strokes. There are 4 edges two tops two sides

Hopefully this will save some money



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Thanks Gino. That's one thing that's kept me from buying any Forstner bits. They aren't cheap and I've been wondering if they could be sharpened.



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