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Hey all i got my hands on a vulcanizer cheap but it was taken apart and is missing parts.  The MFR wants to much for the parts and i looking for a little information.

What im interested in is if you guys know what is used as insulating materal inbetween the heating plattens and the frame?  And if anyone have any ideas for heating elements or insulation layers.  I alread have some ideas and a few parts. My vulcanizer is a Conley Accu-mold thats missing both heating elements and insulating layers. 

I already have a set of mold frames form 9-24" and 3 casting machines  and an additional pneumatic press with a 4' opening.  I really only need the small vulcanizer working(9") and i don't want to do the oven thing.  Ive already vulcanized a few small type molds from a frame i made myself in the oven.

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Hey Robbor--You may get a few more answers to your question if you post this on the main forum (Hard Baits)--Just ''cut and paste'' your text from here,, there are a lot more ''eyes'' on there.


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