Slide ring micro fly fishing, leftover spool line, Project Creekcaster

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Slide ring micro fly-fishing

So a while ago I found a 70" rod section with 9 guides in really good condition, super whippy & bendy so I think it went to a light'n'long crappie rod, and I'm going to turn it into a micro fly rod (it's "butt" is just a hair over 1/4"). Originally, I was just going to snip off a guide or two, slip it into a thin aluminum tube for rigidity, and do a generic EVA handle with a reel plate seat wrapped down onto it, but I came across that slide ring & cork handle Jann's sells while looking up on micro fly-fishing and I admittedly like the classic look of it.

But this is my first step into fly fishing* and I have no clue about slide rings, every way I've tried to phrase it searching online for knowledge, FAQ'S, and experiences about it has been fruitless. I'd like to hear from any experience and tips/advice you have on slide rings and 6'&↓ micro fly-fishing in general.

*I do have some flies & streamers and mainly use them for spin-fly/float-casting

Leftover spool line

I decided to change out my Sahara 4000FA's line from last year's 12# Big Game to 65# braid from a 125yd spool and I have some leftover, so I'm curious, what does everybody else who doesn't buy giant spools do with that last 10-20 yards of line?

Project Creekcaster

A few months back, an uncle hand-me-down'd an old 70's 4.5' Zebco 1070 spincast rod that had two pretty big cracks splintering off from behind the tip back down about a foot it's length. Total amateur job, but I was able to fix that, sanded off all the loose fiberglass slivers/edges and super glue filled in the fractures and along the cracks' seams.

I also tried searching for info and experiences with people pairing old spincast rods with modern baitcast reels but have turned up empty on that as well. As before, any knowledge, experiences, and advice/2¢ is welcome.

I'm thinking of this as a creekcaster cause I mainly fish for susquehanna smallies & creek fish and the most common weight I own is 1/8 oz. tackle (I'm mainly a spin fisher, only have one baitcaster combo, an old Shakespeare SS420 on a 6' MH Berkley Equalizer) so I'm aiming for the Crappie Maxx Mighty Lite to pair up with the Zebco 1070 as an ultralight creek'n'stream combo, more than likely with 12-15# braid, and saving up to get the old 2+1 guides replaced with 5 new ones. Best thing I like about this old fiberglass 4.5' rod is that it's 2-piece, perfect for all my hikes and camping, I love to minimal camp out of just a single sling pack. 


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