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Tail Zing

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I was reading a report on new things out at ICAST 2005 by BassDozer.

anyway it mentioned that the new craze this year was adding chartreuse coloring to the tail of your worms and that now lure companies are thinking of ways to do it on cranks. It showed a mylar flash tail called Swish Tail and a plastic type of skirt for spinners called EZ skirt.

Ok to make a long story short I got an idea about using instead small croppie tubes. They are cheap and light in weight and come in a ton of different colorings or metalic sparkles. You just slide them over your treble hook and reattach it.

Tried to place pic here but didn't let me I'll post it in Photos. Hope it comes up there.

I tried it and it didn't appear to affect the action of the lure however it added some colored zing to the tail. This gives you the option of more color choices than feathers or hair trebles and it is cheaper.

Maybe this isn't new or worth it but I just thought I'd share it with you guys for what it was worth.

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This is really nothing new. Years ago some guy was making tied hooks like the ones on a pop r and called them Doo Dads. He sold a bunch of them. Got so busy he quit making them. I still think alot more rests on having a well made crankbait and a good mind for locating the fish. If you present a crankbait properly to a fish that is in the mood, I don't think that the tail will make a difference. But like the pros use to say about fish scents for plastics....." It can't hurt".


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