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Multiple Molds, Injector, and Dual Injector System Available

  • Multiple Prices https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2024_06/33008389_6InchJerkBait1.thumb.JPG.ed985944c83de19b9288347bed2d3ed3.jpeg.f102bb1cb91105f1d165cb3077294235.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/92428617_SplitTailSwimBaitTop.thumb.JPG.9c44d56dabc700486af1d7c2fe7c51e2.jpeg.dc6788335041c04b7c58821adf816fa2.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/123180648_SplitTailSwimBaitMeasure.thumb.JPG.c8692f98e49253b1b3c9c4295cf82432.jpeg.1dbdf0c26c66d37535f2921913e72e79.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/318660044_DualInjectionSystem1.thumb.JPG.392af937c5aa0fdd813c1b94f03551fe.jpeg.b8604e64c723ca2fea5782114886e019.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/594691855_6InchJerkBaitTop.thumb.JPG.18d931f69bd58dc68e51211ac6bd94e4.jpeg.4137a12d88a15d3129c728941ad0d6e9.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/695612497_DualInjectionSystem.thumb.JPG.cc1e4b4612254ad0462034311845ccb4.jpeg.2658669e9956a2cf52aeab9c186fe664.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/771139045_6InchJerkBaitMeasure.thumb.JPG.8d91e664c1fa00aa84375f4ad1c981f1.jpeg.cf2fba99a9193a4dd356e620564e39b0.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/1577518299_SplitTailSwimBait.thumb.JPG.65b8c5f1505c430c5d9135e6896e9de0.jpeg.14778d8a9c621ccf59dd804eedca6134.jpeg,monthly_2024_06/1948459304_6InchJerkBait.thumb.JPG.aa3e595134da965531bbc5d8422e68c4.jpeg.56a071d78d6db654ed3c1870d5e07c58.jpeg

I have multiple molds, injectors, and dual injection adaptors for sale. All lightly used. I'm willing to split items up if you don't want everything. Items include:

Two (2x): 6 inch jerk bait molds. Made by Enforcer. Each mold has two cavities. ***COST $55 per mold. Retails for $79.99
Four (4x): 4.5 inch curl tail swim bait molds. Made by Bass Tackle. Each mold has four cavities. ***COST $40 per mold. Retails for $49.
Two (2x): Bass Tackle 3 ounce Injectors with dual injection (multiple color) system. ***COST $180. Conversion kit can be sold separately for $100, with each injector for $40. Total kit retails for $248 on Bass Tackle.

Buyer pays shipping. Shipping will be calculated based on buyers location and weight of shipment. Let me know if you have any questions. Please text me if interested at (9zero3) 73eight-zero318.

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