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  1. I've been trying to get a bright chartreuse tail dip on my dark soft plastics for a while (tried base coating with white), but just can't seem to make it work very well. I know it can be done, because Kelly Wiggler Lures does it perfectly (see attached). They have been chartreuse dipping dark colors for forever. Anyone know how/what they do/use to get such a good tail dip?
  2. Hey everyone, I recently bought a top injection mold from Basstackle and have been shooting with Bait Junkies, now Bait Plastics' hard formula. I cannot for the life of me get a bait to shoot without there being air bubbles at the top/head of the bait. It's infuriating! I haven't violently stirred the plastisol or sucked up any air while pulling plastisol into the injector, but it happens nearly every time I inject. The reason I know I'm not doing this is because I have another, side inject mold from a different company that shoot perfectly every time. I've tried purging the
  3. Frank, that would be perfect! I was thinking about some sort of cheap metal funnel, but that is EXACTLY what I hoped existed. Awesome! If you wouldn't mind sending it to me, I could really use it. I sent you a PM so we can discuss further. Thanks for all of the other suggestions, folks. I really appreciate the amount of interaction on TU! This community is incredibly helpful!
  4. Hey everyone, I recently got a new mold where the sprue hole is pretty narrow...too narrow for my current injector that I purchased from Do-It to fit in. As I don't want to by a new injector for this new mold, I was wondering if anyone has found some sort of sprue adapter piece that would allow me to use my current injector, but funnel the plastisol into the narrower sprue hole? Any information you have regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey Jig Man, love your flashing lamination plate. Did you just pick some flashing up at Home Depot and cut to your specs? What did you cut the flashing with? Looks nice and smooth.
  6. Thanks for all the information folks! I'll give all these suggestions a try.
  7. Hey folks, I am having an issue with my chartreuse-dyed plastisol getting darker as I reheat it in the microwave several time. Here's the rundown: I start of with DO-IT plastisol and dye it with DO-IT 2X chartreuse dye. I then pop it in the microwave until phase change...it looks great! I inject my first rounds of lures and they turn out perfectly. As the plastisol cools in the Pyrex, I have to reheat to keep it from becoming to viscous for the injector to suck up. As I reheat the plastisol, no matter how careful I am with the temps, I always have the problem of the cha
  8. Thanks for the detailed response. That was very helpful. I'll give those suggestions a go. Cheers
  9. Hey everyone, Paul Brown Lures are extremely effective hear on the Texas Coast. Aside from being well made, I think a big reason for their effectiveness is the large eye that is painted on the sides of each lure. I have attached a picture of one of the lures for reference. It looks as though the eyes are painted, as they clearly are not the typical adhesive eyes found on other lures. They protrude from the sides of the lure, and almost feel as though they are just globs of some kind of paint. My question is, has anyone tried to replicate this type of eye and had success? I'm wonderi
  10. Hey folks, Does anyone happen to know any custom CNC machinist that make custom soft plastic molds? I have a few ideas in mind regarding a custom design, but am having trouble locating someone that could work with me in the CAD and CNC realm. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. -Southernmost
  11. Just bought some Spike It Lure Paint, and gave your suggestion a go. Looks fine on light lures, but for some reason, the dark colors look really splotchy. I think the slightest amount of oil on the lure ruins the effectiveness of the paint. Have you run into this problem? Your lures in the picture you send look flawless. Mine did not turn our anywhere close to that.
  12. Hey folks, I have been scouring the internet trying to find a way to decently dye the tails of my paddle tails. My main concern is not being able to effectively dye dark colored lures and make them have a nice chartreuse paddle tail. I have tried Spike It which works very nicely for light colored lures. I have also tried K. Wigglers, which does indeed dye dark lures chartreuse, as they use some sort of silicone rubber, but I get terrible bubbles trapped in the dye, and the lure just looks bad. Had anyone had success with other ways of dyeing their tails? Spike It has that spray pain
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