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Found 6 results

  1. Hello and good morning I would like to know if anyone has some ideas or suggestions on how to make an injector out of Aluminum or other type of tube material to use for injecting hot plastic into aluminum molds? Would it be cheaper just to buy one online than to make one from scratch List of Parts and assembly That would be great Thank you for your help and ideas
  2. What do I have to do to my injector to keep it working well. Also when shooting should I shoot nice and smooth slow or a little faster?
  3. Hey everyone, I recently got a new mold where the sprue hole is pretty narrow...too narrow for my current injector that I purchased from Do-It to fit in. As I don't want to by a new injector for this new mold, I was wondering if anyone has found some sort of sprue adapter piece that would allow me to use my current injector, but funnel the plastisol into the narrower sprue hole? Any information you have regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, I am brand spanking new to this hobby and site and have already figure out it could get expensive and addicting in a hurry! I am making POP molds of all my favorite lures and some needed to be two part molds. I read that you need an injector to get good results from tails and small parts. All the injectors that I could find were way expensive for me to buy just to see if I like the hobby and plan to continue. SOO, I have built my injector into my mold. I made a cavity in my mold using a dowel that I plan to pour the plastic into then reuse the dowel to PUSH the plastic down int
  5. hey guys im new to the forum. I just received my first hand injector from MF manufacturing. I have a few questions. Does it come with lube already on it, because it seems like it, also what is the best way to clean the injector and what is the best way to lube the injector. Any advice would be much appreciated, as I am excited to get going.
  6. So I have been making my own molds for about 2 months now, have found this site to be very very helpful. Finally signed up and I have a few questions for the experts. I have actually made my own injector out of PVC + Fittings (ill post a picture later). I really don't want to spend 50-60$ for a real injector but I am starting to think they might be worth it. Do the injectors have some type of air relief system built into them? I am using POP molds for now (until i want to spend more money for silicone), and I can inject the molds with no vent holes, but the pressure seems to build up and eith
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