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  1. I want it to float but dart left to right just under the surface with line twitches and have a slight swim/wobble with a steady retrieve. I found a youtube video of a lure with similar action. Thanks Mark!
  2. Hey Guys, I want to make a darter version of our 5" walking bait. I've attached some pics Here are the details on the current bait" It is carved from Poplar and hollowed out from the rear to the nose with a 5/16" bit and a 1/4" stainless ball is inserted. Then it's plugged with a 1/16 oz weight in the rear. There is another 1/16 oz weight near the middle of the belly, 2.25 inches from the rear. I would love some advice on how to change the weighting/shape to make a good topwater darter while retaining a similar look to the squirrel. Much thanks in advance to you lure geniuses!!! I have learned so much from these forums over the years. John
  3. Lately, I have been modifying a couple of mass produced baits, and a few (lots of) people have been asking to buy them from me. Is it legal to resell them on my website alongside my handmade baits without permission?
  4. They are all hand carved from Poplar. The one is a SPAZ size 1 (1/4oz) in white, which is hollowed out with loud rattles and weight transfer balls for easy casting and walking. The second one is the medium SPAZ size 2(1/2oz). The third one is a black MUCK, just a weedless version of the first two. It has two weedless hooks, a top hook with a fiber guard and a EWG trailer with a titanium wire guard. The second to last one is BUZZ which sinks slowly until retrieved and it pops right up to the surface and wiggles like a crazy buzzbait. BUZZ is the only one that is not hollow with a rattle. All the tails are Wooly Bugger Marabou (actually turkey breast feather from China) The last one is a size 3 SPAZ in gray.(3/4 oz with an extra belly hook) I use D2T applied with my finger, for an extra thin, even coat. You can read more about these crazy mice at http://AJLures.com or http://facebook.com/ajlures
  5. Super soft and smelly! Gets em every time.

    © Aiden James Lures

  6. What is your favorite P-Free plastic? Consider odor, smoke, pour-ability, clarity, remelting probs, cure time, price, bubbles, and whatever else. I am new to soft plastics and all the acronyms, btw! Thanks guys!!! John
  7. It takes a while (1 week) for my lizards to stop smelling like plastic. Is there a solution you can dip/soak them in after they come out of the mold to speed up the off-gassing process? The bass don't seem to mind the smell, but I do! I'm not burning them or getting any smoke, and there is no color change on the clears and whites. John
  8. I have always painted the eyes on my lures and am considering making the switch to glass eyes like these? http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/BOSS_True_Vision_Fish_3D_Eyes_100pk/descpage-BOSSFEY.html Any thoughts on eyes? I've caught lots of fish on swimbaits with missing eyes, so I wonder if the eyes are more for the fisherman than the fish? John
  9. Our spaz the mouse is hollowed out with some ss balls that serve as weight transfer and rattles.
  10. Mark, I think part of the action on that fly comes from the sagging of the fly line after it is stripped? When I fish tubes with the flyrod, I get a bounce when I strip and a bounce when the line falls. I am looking forward to your results. I have never made anything out of PVC. Interesting! The fly in the video is balsa and I use hollowed Poplar for my other mice. Where did you put the weight? Is the belly concave like a kwikfish? John
  11. I checked out your website. Funny we both make mice/rats! Is that sheep fur on your rodent? John
  12. Thanks! I will check out that sheep fur. They sell it at the fly shop, I hope? Iceland is far from my house! John
  13. I think the feathers acted like a rear down-curving tail rudder on the fly version which forced it down in a curving motion. Thanks for the tips. John
  14. I use Waspi Woolly Bugger Marabou in White. The local fly shop stopped carrying it, so I buy it online. It is the fullest and softest by far. John
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