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  1. I own Stinson Products LLC, and Tom Stinson Custom lures and I'm looking to sponsor a top bass lure painter to help showcase and promote my products especially my line of realistic lure eyes. Need an established lure painter or bait maker with a good reputation, good exposure on social media and clean quality looking work. Only looking for bass guys, I already sponsor 2 muskie lure makers. Please respond here to be considered or nominate someone you think fits the bill. Thank you!
  2. These are Real Eyes from Stinson Products, the most realistic lure eyes out there. These are discounted factory seconds with microscopic Air bubbles in doming. These are 3/16" in size and have great adhesive. I have 15000 to liquidate at 50% off! Will split down to 800 pcs. For $40 with free shipping!Made in the USA!
  3. You can sometimes contact the lure makers directly and they will sell blanks, most do not but some do. It sometimes takes making conections and time. One well known and highly sought after lure maker gave me baits to paint a year and a half after I first talked to him.kinda like looking for a hunting spot.
  4. One of my favorite coho / steelhead baits is a orange and pink frog pattern. Either orange spots over pink or vise versa. Maybe the spots look like single eggs. Don't know but it gets bit.
  5. Im in the process of making bucktail vises for holding coil spring. I ve gotten a few from LPO but curious where others get the coil from. Who else sells bucktail coils for tying? I need a consistent inside diameter for what I'm trying to do. Thanks.
  6. I think the adhesive actually sticks better to a smooth surface anyway. Keep in mind its the pressure that activates the adhesive on 3d eyes so use firm pressure when sticking them on. Another fun fact is the adhesive is not fully cured for 1 to 2 weeks after applying, but that doesnt matter if your clear coating over.
  7. Ive been away from this forum for a few years now, and see lots a new names and a few old ones. Started a new account today, old user name was Tommer 194 for those old names still here. Looking forward to getting to know the new names on here!
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