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Found 7 results

  1. Dear lure maker community, I have a couple of old lures which I don't use since I don't like the color much. After watching lure foiling videos on youtube I thought I give it a try and upgrade those lures with a little bit of flash. After some trial an error, I am happy with the foiling result. I used Tesa Aluminum Tape from a local hardware store (https://www.tesa.com/en/consumer/tesa-aluminium-tape.html). I also polished some of the lures to achieve an almost mirror like finish and I believe it looks great. Now I wanted to seal the foil to preserve the sheen and then start with (spray can) painting. I am using a UV cure Epoxy from a local craft shop. I have used this to seal some beaten up lures without foil and it has been working fine. I cleaned the lures thoroughly with Isopropanol and afterwards only touched it with gloves but much to my surprise the paining fails instantly. The Epoxy pulls together in blobs rather than forming a surface. I had to clean the lure again since the result cannot be worked with. Later test also revealed that the Epoxy does not stick to the surface. Then I tested household Aluminum foil - works like a charm without any issue. Not only does the Epoxy cover the foil evenly, it also sticks extremely well. I tried cleaning the tape with different solvents (see picture) but also mere soap, or Acetone, Phosphoric- and Citric-acid.. Nothing works. Sanding had some effect but also completely destroyed the luster of the foil. Tesa has no indication about any surface treatment of the foil. It only states "Adhesive on Aluminum Carrier foil" on their MSDS. I noticed that the foil is super water repellent: When I put it in a container to do some testing, water would build around the foil covering the whole bottom before finally touching the foil so seemingly the surface is extremely water repellent. What am I doing wrong? Whatever TESA has covered the foil with, how do I get it off? If I need to go through the foiling again with a different tape - how do I make sure I am not getting a product with the same issue? Any advice greatly appreciated. Best regards Lukas
  2. I found a picture of an antique lure from the 1800's. I thought it's a great design and set out to steal it. This is the third version cobbled together from soda can and Capri Sun straw. Decided the weight was moot and removed it. This one stays under and spins! I had found a few more pics by now, and those showed the original sported a tail-not a bare hook. That seems to have made the difference.
  3. I found a picture of an antique lure from the 1800's. I thought it's a great design and set out to steal it. This is the second version cobbled together from soda can and Capri Sun straw. Trailing weight from first one was shifted to the center. I thought the weight was adversely affecting the spin. Turned out this one also did not spin well, still wanted to plane.
  4. I found a picture of an antique lure from the 1800's. I thought it's a great design and set out to steal it. This is the first version cobbled together from soda can and Capri Sun straw. Trailing a tail weight for plugs. Did not perform well. It wanted to sort of create lift and plane, rather than spin.
  5. i'm thinking of making own jigs,chatterbaits,spinnerbaits and buzzbaits out of tin or Aluminum. has anyone had any success trying this?
  6. I have now completed my Soft Plastic delivery system in 3 styles all concepts and drawings at this point. Thanks for all the help. I'm trying to assemble a working system with parts bait makers have and stuff that can be purchased to keep the cost down. I believe I have a solid idea now. The only thing that I'm not sure of yet is, Does Plastisol, when heated to the proper temperature, pour into a aluminum mold (not injected) right down the center of the hole and fill the cavity to make a bait correctly ? This is one of my 3 designs if it works.
  7. Hey All. I am making extremely low numbers of lures, only for myself. It started because I wanted to try out Gel-A-Lure to do some of my favorite shapes in some different color combinations. After making some plaster molds, I found out I needed aluminum molds for Gel-A-lure. So basically, I just took my PoP molds out to the garage and reproduced them into aluminum using casting sand. Anyone else doing this? I don't have any experience creating molds with a milling machine or CNC stuff, and basically all I need is my foundry sand, some wooden frames and my little propane fired furnace. I use recycled aluminum, good stuff that I have saved up from having worked in the motorcycle industry. It really is a low cost way of making things, I made almost every component myself, from the furnace, crucible, and the cope and drag mold frames. Anyone else out there CASTING their own aluminum molds? So far I am only making one peice/open face molds. I am about to try some of my own designs, and may progress to 2 peice molds using lost foam in the near future.
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