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Who we are

Tackleunderground.com is an online community of fishing tackle enthusiasts and makers brought together from the world over. Tackleunderground.com boasts the planets largest group of minds and talent in the industry from weekend hobbyists to full time manufacturers in one place.

What we do

Tackleunderground.com allows you to create, exhibit & discuss techniques related to fishing tackle production and improving it's effective use. Our community encompasses a wide range of skill-sets from the weekend warrior modifying an existing bait on up to scratch-built tackle & full scale manufacturing.

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TU Nation Creations
5" Bears Slick Willy
By: MonteSS
Yesterday, 09:40 PM
Wakin em' up
By: jonister
Yesterday, 12:29 AM
DT 10 K/0
By: rwfleming
Sep 26 2016 06:17 PM
Bucktail/living rubber jig with soft plastic chunk
By: smalljaw
Sep 20 2016 01:13 PM

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