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beginning hand painting

beginning hand painting

Trying my hand at hand painting. These are 1/2 oz wlure blanks. Top is white Krylon Fusion primer with Createx color. Bottom is silver Krylon Fusion with Jo Sonjia acrylics left over from my decoy days. Both are top coated with Devcon 2T.a

    Nice looking baits

    Thanks. Still getting used to using a paintbrush.

    Oct 02 2013 08:29 PM

    They look great Bill!

    Thanks Vic. Have three of the bigger 6" 7/8oz version in primer. Bought some more Apple Barrel colors today. Also have a couple of those Muskie #2 lures Dieter was talking about waiting to be primed.


    Only problem is I'm enjoying this lure making & painting so much but I have to get back to another hobby for awhile to fulfill some promises I made.


    Are these suspending lures?

    Not quite. The smaller 5" 1/2 oz is a floater with just a bit of the back out of the water when hooks etc are installed. The 6" 7/8 floats but sits even deeper. Haven't had a chance to fish them yet but I think the 6" is going to be very close to suspending. I may try a bit of lead wire on the trebles to get even closer.


    Oct 31 2013 11:29 PM
    Just got 5 of the 5" hope they swim good