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  1. I say if you have a gmail account use Chrome all the way there are so many tools to use with that browser it's silly.
  2. wow I am surprised no one on here had any kinda response at all lol
  3. Hey guys I got a friend that has a new surf rod? Its a Shakspeare combo that came with reel model Alpha model A170C and apparently from the move up to MN the handle went missing and its a brand new reel the spool still has the clear wrap around the mono the reel came with and we tried the manufacturer and they didn't have any replacements I was just wondering if anyone would know where we could get one or if anyone had one laying around they might want to part with. Thanks in advance I can take a pic of it if need be.
  4. Dull bit? or try working your way from a smaller hole to a bigger hole and see if that helps...
  5. Griffond

    3 IMG 0757

    If you search around you'll find a drawing I made of thru wire for lips like this it was a thread sometime last year if I remember correctly. Otherwise look at a Salmo lure for an example. Great looking lures Bob!
  6. Hey Dieter can't you just get your hands on a Abu Garcia Ambassador I mean they've been around forever and they are a solid reel for fishing or a Penn.
  7. Wow you are running allot of Anti virus stuff... just a random thought have you tried shutting all that off opening up FF to the page and see if it works and from there turn them on one at a time to see which one kills the site mostly...
  8. Well from a computer help desk tech... the first thing I notice with firefox is it's blocking all the adds... now is it FF or an extension on ff or your Anti virus software if your running one... secondly just for general troubleshooting do you happen to have a second PC? try doing a fresh install of FF and see what happens... I'd say you could run linux from a jump drive and try ff from that but I don't know your level of computer knowledge... I don't think its an issue with the registry but you could run Eusing Free Registry cleaner (it's safe) just click skip when it asks for a registration... its a bunch of geeks that made an awesome simple registry cleaning tool that is free. It is very odd that IE works and FF doesn't play nice thou...
  9. I never used the popper version either... I've had the normal one stick on pads thou here in minnesota especially on hot dry sunny days with no breeze... the tops of the pads get kinda dry add a wet lure to the top and they can hang up a bit... never anything real bad... (fireline fixes all snags lol) perhaps you could try tweaking the line attachment up a bit... I'm gonna have to buy one now just to see what happens lol
  10. Griffond

    Heddon Vamp

    Thats so funny you say that rob I was thinking the same thing reading this thread... a person running a cnc shop could make some good money selling punch sets for cutting aluminum lips and and what not... (hint hint to cnc shop owners lol)
  11. Griffond

    Heddon Vamp

    yeah I would go the colorado blade route... or perhaps salty might have something like that laying around he has jitterbug type lips perhaps he can make some of the ones your looking for up for ya I don't know.
  12. if you find some at the dollar store let me know which one I have kept my eye on the local ones here in MN and nothing of the sort they did have some nice reflective tape thou for making eyes with.
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