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Found 19 results

  1. I have tried Janns Netcraft balsa bodies and building my own from Hobby Lobby blasa and when I drill the hole for the belly weight, the wood around the hole falls off of the bait? Help
  2. Hello to everyone on this forum. I was trying to make a balsa lure that it wobbles when sinking, and on retrieving you can twitch it. I have some experience in making balsa twitch lures for trout, but I can't manage to make jig that wobble when sinks. I'm not sure that I explained correctly, it is like Gachi Jig of Samongachi - Japanese lure maker. Here is a YouTube link of this lure in action: I appreciate any ideas and help. Vladan from Serbia.
  3. What is the best way to put weight in a crankbait without a lead pot?
  4. Ok, ive been building balsa wood lures for 3 years now and have come across several topics involving propionate sealer. Th issue i am having is 1) determining what type of propionate (cellulose propionate, cellulose acetate propionate, etc...) & 2) where to get this stuff. This stuff is hard to find!! I am asking for help to locate this stuff! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello TU Forum, This morning after learning about this Forum, I subscribed right away. A friend from Germany told me about it. Well, I live in Lima-Peru. Like many of you friends, fishing is my passion, but life is tough and I can escape for fishing as much as I want. Then, I had to create alternatives to satisfy my passion for fishing. Today, I split into three parts my love for fishing: 1) escape for fishing; 2) Do my own homemade lures; and 3) Collecting lures…Let me tell you a little more of each one. Escape for fishing, I like to go for saltwater and freshwater fishing. First Saltwater, I practice surfcasting most part of the year, from the shore line with the waves up to my waist or chest. Also, in summer time I do some trolling next to my beach house. I like to fish Corvinas, Flounder, Groupers, etc. Second in freshwater, during winter time I like to go to up to the highlands looking for some trouts. Do my own homemade lures. I like a lot to do this. Probably I am the only one who do what I do in Lima. This complementary activity has turned into one of my favorites hobbies. I began doing my own flies and suddenly I start doing lures, and since two years ago my own wooden lures. In addition to this, I began to develop my Youtube channel (find me as ANTONIO999US) where I post videos to show my work, my projects, my lures collections, and my fishing activities. Collecting lures, in my fishing life I bought different brands of hard lures. Bomber, Rapala, Storm, Mirrorlure, Yo-zuri, DUO, Daiwa, Shimano, Megabass, etc. Actually I do not know how many plugs do I have. Given that always I take care of my lures (I wash and rinse every single lure that I use after coming back from fishing) I still have lures when I began fishing... along the time, I was using different brands, now I stay with Japanese Duo and Daiwa, which are excellent plugs for the kind of fishing that I practice. I do not have an introduction video in my channel, that something I have to work with, but I would like to share this one, where I show my first dozen of wooden lures I made. At this time, I want to tell you that I named all my lures ATTILA, because I always admired Attila the Hun as a warrior of the ancient times of Europe. "These plugs are the Attila Fat Minnow" Something I would like to say is that each Attila Fat Minnow is one of a kind wooden plug, because I made them with my hands and it is impossible to do two exact ones... Also, I numbered each wooden plug I make. The Attila Fat Minnow is a wooden plug with these characteristics: - 4.5" long - Weights around 1oz each, - Weight shifting system, - Two Japanese saltwater treble hooks #01 - Shocking colours - Reflective holograms - 3d eyes (halves to give a mean look) Well, I do not want to bored you more, here is a link to my video: “100% Homemade Wooden Lures” I hope you like it. Please contact me through the Forum or my Channel, in case you have questions, recommendations or something to criticize… The first dozen of my homemade wooden lures
  6. When making crankbaits "by Hand", out of Balsa wood, other woods or Resins, what tools and methods does one use to keep symmetry within a crankbait body ? I see a lot of discussions about maintaining a center line and eye balling the symmetry but I am wondering if there are more accurate ways.
  7. barrybait

    20160625 203254[1]

    Another shad same as my previous post but with my now famous home made coffin bill. (thanks Mark Poulson) I enhanced my shad pattern and got the lower half shimmering with some Createx Wicked Aluminum, then to the bone colored belly. Also added pearl orange throat and tip of tail. Oh yeah, my dobbed eyes are getting better. I'm using the back end of a drill bit like before but now I am using the cheap acrylic paint, not air brush paint and I am able to get better painted eyes now.
  8. barrybait

    20160625 203740[1]

    Made this flatside balsa crankbait and used this pre made circuit board type lip from LPO. I have been making my own circuit board lips from the sheet purchased from LPO and they both work great. I used two 1/4" pieces of balsa to make the bait, epoxying them together after channeling them out for my weight and thru wire rig. For a weight I used a mojo weight which I cut in half length wise and had to drill out the center hole a little. Then I used the 19 gage ss wire, cut a long piece, put a twisted eye near the middle then ran both legs up thru my mojo weight, bending one forward tor another twisted line tie eye and the other aft to the rear hook hangar. Drilled 1/4" hole for the weight, seperated the halves and traced out the wires and hangars so I could channel out the balsa to accomodate the harness. Finished with Createx paints. I primer white then paint the bottom half gray and the upper half golden yellow. Scale mesh then paint bone on bottom, smoke the back with greatly reduced pearl black, then add some purple on the shoulder and remove the mesh. May have to enhance the golden yellow some after that but it is making a good shad pattern. Topped with D2T. Sized this similar to the coffin bill we used to get from Bustin Bass Baits or Evergreen on ebay but doesn't seem like we will be able to get them anymore. This works pretty well, even better than the coffin I think but it doesn't go quite as deep. About 5 feet.
  9. Custom Balsa Crank I Built and painted

    © @Andrews custom Wood Lures (Paul Andrews)

  10. So I'm about to start creating balsa crankbaits. I'm needing some help. I have the shop, the tools to cut, shape, drill, and paint. But I'm needing materials, so some assistance on where the best place to purchase stuff would be great. I need Paint, circuit board material, lexan, ballast weights, wood, and some general knowledge questions answered. I really would like to make a high quality product that not only looks good but works good too. And LASTS. What I want to know is what are some of the best ways to...cut bills, insert bills and line ties as well as hook hangers, I want to foil baits, so any info on what works for you or products that you've used would be awesome.
  11. Lately ive been looking into some airbrushes, ive looked at the 100 dollar kits that come with compressors, paint, hose, etc but most of them have very unpleasant reviews, ranging from the product doesnt even work, to the product is not detailed enough, does anyone have any recommendations on a reletively cheap brush and compressor?
  12. Ok I have been trying to make my own baits for a while and i finalyl got a few that work good finally.But i still have a problem that just keeps happening. The etex epoxy keeps covering my eyes that the hooks hang on and the line tie in my bait. then if i try to chisel etc it off it cranks sometimes and the bait kinda looks bad sometimes from it. I love the look the tex gives but really need some help on cpould be doing wrong. I have a spinner and everything. Could I be applying it to thick or? Maybe ishould let it sit some after mixing to let it thicken? any help would be appreciated. I use scotch tape to protect the diving bill would love a better way to do that as well thanks guys in advance
  13. Was thinking about trying to make a shad rap lure and was wondering if anyone had a template of one by chance?
  14. mark twain

    IMG 2476

    1 from the last series of 10
  15. mark twain

    IMG 2489

    another from the last series of 10
  16. mark twain

    IMG 2368

    I made a series of 14 lures for a national fishing contest ; balsa, sinking, high vibration at small retrieve and vibration when they sink ; weight from 2,5 grams up to 5 grams ; I will come back with entire series after paint
  17. I have recently been making some balsa flat sided crankbaits. I would like to know your guys opinions on these things. - Should I use egg sinkers and put the screw eyes inside and epoxy it? - Do any of you pour hot lead inside your balsa crankbaits? - Also i always hear people say to use a 1/8oz egg sinkers for the belly weights and I was wondering how many of you actually have success just using a 1/8oz egg sinker for the belly weight and have a true running crankbait. -My last question Is for those of you who are experienced at making flat sided cranks. The ones I have made always seem to only run true at slow speeds. Are there any of you who can make them run true at all speeds and are there any tips you guys can give me? Thanks in advance, BBK
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