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  1. Here are some tips to help you out: Fish during the early morning or late evening: These are typically the best times to catch bass as they are most active during these times. Use the right bait: Different types of bait are more effective for bass fishing. Try using live bait such as worms or minnows, or lures such as spinnerbaits or jigs. Pay attention to the water temperature: Bass are cold-blooded and their activity level is affected by the water temperature. They tend to be more active in warmer water, so focus your efforts in areas with warmer water. Know where to look for bass: Look for areas with cover such as weeds, logs, or rocks, as these are areas where bass like to hang out. Vary your retrieve: Don't just reel in your bait or lure at a steady pace. Experiment with different retrieves such as a jerking motion or a slow and steady retrieve. Practice catch and release: If you're not planning on eating the bass, release them back into the water to help maintain a healthy population for future fishing trips. Remember, catching bass takes patience and persistence. Don't get discouraged if you don't catch anything right away. Keep trying different techniques and eventually, you'll catch that trophy bass.
  2. Hi everyone, First time poster, but avid reader here. A buddy of mine is going on a peacock bass trip and asked me if I could tie Hine some poppers to match the attached image. Has anyone seen plastic chopper blades like the ones pictures? I've only ever seen metal ones. Thanks in advance. Best, Chris
  3. The newest edition to FTLs handmade “Twinspin” range. The Twinspin (Rainbow) has proven itself on Trout and Perch time and time again. www.ftllures.com
  4. I recently have been trying my hand at shooting swimbaits. So far, its going okay. I noticed my mold allows for eyes to be placed on the soft plastic after it has dried and this is not something I've ever messed with as a fisherman in general. What are some of your thoughts on using lure eyes for swimbaits/flukes/creatures? Is there a 'best practice'? Does it really help? How durable will they be? Do you prefer adhesive or glue? Do you clear coat your bait once you've finished? Any other thoughts in general in this arena? Regards, Bronzeback Cowboy
  5. 1/4oz modified Do-It mold, removed barb style bait keeper and added wire bait keepers, 3/0 or 4/0 heavy duty jig hook, hand tied skirt (4 color blend), BPS Speed Shad trailer. -fishboy-
  6. These are fun divers that glide through the water on some call duck feather from our farm in central Oklahoma.
  7. Hey guys, Last weekend I was going through some of my trolling spinners. My buddy has asked me why I had so many of these "harnesses" as he called them. I told him what they are then showed him how to make them. After getting a bunch more questions he asked me to create a basic video to use. I've been building variations of these spinners, strip-ons, and live bait harnesses for years. They work wonders covering lots of water to find active fish. Last summer I had caught walleye, perch, pike, musky, bullheads, different panfish species. I want to see what you guys think about it. Thanks for your time, Scott
  8. Grisley

    Baby Bass Swimbait

  9. Grisley

    Bass Tiger Buzzjet

  10. Cedar Popper turned on the wood lathe, with inset spots of maple. Brass hooks and fittings with bucktail trailer/skirt. It simply sits on the pedestal base and so can either be displayed or fished.
  11. I'm in search for a Silent Lipless Crank Bait if anyone now's where I can find these please cast me in the correct direction please and thank you
  12. Chuck Young

    LMB, Flu Uv

    Been working with fluorescent colors in a more realistic application. This one is lit up by a pale single uv led key chain. Not sure if the regular lighting one was publish as well. These are my first uploads. I will follow up next.
  13. Time to test out my new baby bass!
  14. O'l Robzilla

    Transparent Bass

    Wanted to do a transparent bass that wasn't so solid in color. Where I live mostly has really clear water with fussy fish with good eye sight. Lol. Hope it'll do the trick!

    © RLM

  15. HTJ Lures

    Mothman Spinnerbait

    Mothman 3/4 oz. spinnerbait (The Feared Monster all the way from the hills of WV!) This lure has Polished Double Willow blades and Green Baby Bass Willow blade on back with ball bearing swivel to Fly thru the water and attack like no other! Quality 4/0 size name brand hook to help catch more fish!

    © HTJ Lures

  16. The "Baja Bugger" 3/4 oz. spinnerbait This Lure has polished double #4 nickle willow blades and ball bearing swivel with a bait scented Jellyfish like tentacle legs trailer. Designed to run through fresh & saltwater! Quality 4/0 size hook.

    © HTJ Lures

  17. I call this my Retro Darter,inspired by an old hotrod custom car I seen,has a real retro look,we selected a nice piece of Hardened dried pine and gave it the torch treatment for the burnt look at the rear,we then used transparent paints to give it an almost flame effect,epoxied all the hook hardware in and added the blood red hooks and matching eye then gave it 2 coats of epoxy,the lure darts through the water like you would not believe with just short jerks,fun lure that catches fish!!!
  18. Custom painted Baby Bass crankbait created by Gills 'n Thrills Customized Lures / Kayla Moore. Color combinations of red, yellow, lime green, hunter green, black and white with a scale pattern and glitter for some special effects. Was brought out fishing after completed and caught a 26 1/2" walleye!
  19. This lure was turned on the wood lathe. The stripe down the side is inlaid maple. The spot is inlaid cedar. Hooks, hardward and bill are all brass. Eyes are brass brads with painted spot. 5" long.
  20. Lately ive been looking into some airbrushes, ive looked at the 100 dollar kits that come with compressors, paint, hose, etc but most of them have very unpleasant reviews, ranging from the product doesnt even work, to the product is not detailed enough, does anyone have any recommendations on a reletively cheap brush and compressor?
  21. O'l Robzilla

    Bass Pattern

    One of my favorite's. Love the action on this little fella!
  22. O'l Robzilla

    Simple clean Bass.

    Just my take on a clean bass presentation.

    © RLM.

  23. O'l Robzilla


    Different colour variation, no clear coat yet.
  24. O'l Robzilla

    The Reaper!

    The picture does this bait no justice. It has Sparkling Blue Sky base paint with a transparent Purple top coat. Its killer in the sun and I'll ad flake to the clear coat.

    © RLM.

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