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  1. Designed in CAD and then 3D printed with UV resin. Cyber Rat is a topwater walk the dog lure with two treble hooks and a screw on tail mount that fits most plastic worms.

    © IW

  2. Alright guys, I Need all of your help! Does anyone know how to Custom paint a Deps Slide Swimmer 250? I have never tried to paint one and l Really want to learn. Any tips would be very helpful! Thanks Guys, Brad
  3. kakuip

    floating head.JPG

    topwater floating head for use with plastic worms, twin tails, etc plan to modify to use with diving or jitterbug bill

    © kak

  4. kakuip

    whirligig mouse.JPG

    topwater whirligig mouse

    © kak

  5. Hey there! was wondering if there is any downside to using a hard 3d eyes on a top water frog bait...or any kind of non top water swimmy baits for that matter ? my fear is that they will weigh down the bait and interfere with the intended action any input would be appreciated! thanks!
  6. LucasW37

    turtle topwater

    hard plastic topwater turtle
  7. Samcee

    top water

    Luhr Jensen made a topwater lure called wood chopper, looks like their nip-I-diddee except with different spinners. Since they are no longer in production I am trying to make my own. Does anyone know where I can find thes blades/spinners?
  8. Hi everyone, new member here. I've looked around and searched the forums with no luck yet, so I figured I would make a post and say hi as well as ask a couple of questions. I've tried my hand at making a couple of lures before with little success unfortunately, but with this one I believe I am a little closer. I've tried swimbaits, wake baits and my newest, which I feel should be a little simpler, is a top water walking bait. The problem I am having is when I put it in the water it sits at about the position I want it, with the butt down slightly, but when I let it go it rolls on its side. I've added more weight to the bottom to help pull it down and hopefully sit right, but it keeps rolling over. I'm hoping that someone has some insight for me at what I need to do to help. Also, I need to add that I took a chunk out of the back on the top, towards the rear and put in a ball bearing in a sleeve for a rattle. It sounds phenomenal, but I wonder if that is part of the rolling over problem? I've supplied photos (I hope I did it in the right manner) to show where I am at. You can see the putty on the top where I put the sleeve.
  9. Grisley

    Wine Shad Sammy

  10. Does anyone know where a man can buy some 7" pencil Popper or Shower Blow blanks? I've been looking for some for quite a while. I can find 5" but I prefer the bigger 7" for fishing Guntersville! I can't make my own wood ones because I don't have a lathe. I searched all day on the site to no avail, any help is much appreciated!!!
  11. Hi Guys, I recently finished of my first stickbait project. It was aimed at making a wire-through stickbait for GT, Tuna etc. It turned out well and I did make a video, but I am looking for some information about creating a mold for this particular lure so that I can replicate it with with some two component plastic mix or something along those lines. Please let me know your thoughts. Any information about mold making is welcome since I have ZERO experience with it. I'm also looking for an affordable two component plastic mix that floats when dry. Here's a video of the Stickbait so you can get an idea of the size in case that is a determining factor. Thanks!
  12. The "Got 'er Otter" slow retrieve topwater bait. It started out by wanting a bait that works when others don't. I carved a wood block I found in the garage, then sanded it to the shape I wanted for that perfect wobble. In the back, I used a magnum jig dancer blade, hardware from LPO and tied a trigger tail out of hackle feathers. Then there was the hard part...it took multiple prototypes to get it balanced & running the way I imagined. Once I figured it out, it had a click and wobble unlike any other bait I've casted & just knew it was finally right. THIS is the "Got 'er Otter" by Aaron "Chico" Rodriguez.
  13. I love those old Creek Chub baits but the beetles in my area are extremely rare and online prices for originals were too much for me, so I just made one for myself. Not exact, but good enough for me.
  14. Bogbaits

    Bogs Topwater Rats

    These are Bogbaits Topwater Rats,made from a silicone mold, we added our floating additive to our hard Plastisol to achieve just the right Buoyancy,Custom paint using the Vip Soft Plastic Lure Paint,mixed the paint light to achieve the effect with air brush,we added our Cool solid Black 3d eyes,then we hand dipped the entire rat in a clear hard plastisol to tuff it up,we like to add a 4/0-6/0 widegap hook!!!These are killer on and over any weedbed but are also great in open water when jerked,they actually dart side to side!!!
  15. My Lure was made by hand carving a master lure body and head. The head acts as a watertight cap to the battery / motor compartment. The lure is 45 mm in length, made with a through wire to connect the fishing on one end and a treble hook on the other. It is capable to hold up to a #4 treble hook. It uses one AG3/LR41 size, replaceable battery. The Battery life, while seemingly short, at 15 minutes, is not a problem because the lure has been designed for rapid battery replacement. It takes less than 8 seconds to change the battery. Additionally, battery cost is very low (less than $0.05 each on eBay). The best thing about the lure's vibrating sound is much like that of a bug and it really does work to attract fish. If I could show more pictures, I would show some of the really nice size bass I have caught with it, and other vibrating lures I have made.
  16. HTJ Lures

    Mothman Spinnerbait

    Mothman 3/4 oz. spinnerbait (The Feared Monster all the way from the hills of WV!) This lure has Polished Double Willow blades and Green Baby Bass Willow blade on back with ball bearing swivel to Fly thru the water and attack like no other! Quality 4/0 size name brand hook to help catch more fish!

    © HTJ Lures

  17. This Northern Leopard Frog is hand carved from California burch. We take careful consideration when fine tuning these guys and then paint them to imitate actual frogs in nature. This lure has a good reputation for being the baddest frog in the pond! We are proud of this one!

    © Patent pending

  18. First attempts at topwater prop baits, all handmade from balsa. Obviously this gill just got clearcoat and doesn't have the props installed yet, but I am not unhappy with the paint job considering it is only the third bluegill pattern I have ever tried to paint. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks.

    © Denver Haddix, Jr.

  19. First attempts at prop baits for bass.

    © Denver Haddix, Jr.

  20. I just made this rat and I was wondering how you guys like them?

    © TU @kt___4

  21. First attempts at some topwater prop baits for bass. Nothing earth-shattering about the paint jobs, all handmade from balsa. Float tested them and I am pretty excited about the way the float, hopefully once we get some warmer weather I will be able to test them and see if the bass like them. Anyway, just wanted to share, any and all constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks to everyone on here for sharing your knowledge, definitely shortens the learning curve!

    © Denver Haddix, Jr.

  22. This is a Bluegill Colorway I did not to long ago, I feel that bluegill is a harder color for me to paint. Sometimes I just cant seem to pull it off. Any tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks Guys, Brad
  23. Here is a Tsunaga Swimbait that I Painted in Threadfin Shad for Mr. Billy Egan, The one who makes the Tsunaga. Feedback is greatly appreciated:) Thanks Guys, Brad

    © Swimbaist inc

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