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  1. Hi Guys, I'm new on the forum and I'd like to share with you my way of making custom lures. I use my CNC machine to make aluminium molds, my lures are made of hard urethane foam. Smallest lures are just 15mm long This model I make in 4 different sizes : 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm made for ultra light and light spinning. Here you have few different models to compare sizes, biggest banana shape are 50mm long and the smallest 15mm. Regards Custom Lure Factory
  2. I have been recently making wooden crankbaits and I discovered a new design on accident and its a fish magnet! I want to make a company that sells wooden crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, and maybe buzzbaits. Is this realistic if I can come up with an efficient way to produce them? Do you make a living on a lure business? Thanks
  3. Designed in CAD and then 3D printed with UV resin. Cyber Rat is a topwater walk the dog lure with two treble hooks and a screw on tail mount that fits most plastic worms.

    © IW

  4. How do I wrap realistic baits? Any suggestion what stuff I should get? I'm new to this. Here's a pic below for sample...
  5. I bought this lure at a flea market without knowing what lure it was. I brought it to Canada and it was catching back to back fish and even broke my Pb pike twice in 45 minutes. But sadly the bill on the lure broke and I am unable to use it anymore. So if you can, please help me identify this lure if you recognize it. Thank you.
  6. Hello to everyone on this forum. I was trying to make a balsa lure that it wobbles when sinking, and on retrieving you can twitch it. I have some experience in making balsa twitch lures for trout, but I can't manage to make jig that wobble when sinks. I'm not sure that I explained correctly, it is like Gachi Jig of Samongachi - Japanese lure maker. Here is a YouTube link of this lure in action: I appreciate any ideas and help. Vladan from Serbia.
  7. The newest edition to FTLs handmade “Twinspin” range. The Twinspin (Rainbow) has proven itself on Trout and Perch time and time again. www.ftllures.com
  8. FishCandy


    Spun this one up to see if it would work. Got the idea from an e-book. Tested great.
  9. hi guys im new to this site but im trying to figure out the name of this bait my aunts husband gave it to me like 9 years ago and i only have this one he didnt tell me the name or anything, it has rbl and either a 6 or a 9 on the tail so thanks in advance
  10. kidskicks

    Beer Buzzards

    The Beer Buzzards, Tested on both Muskie and Pike fishing. Rattles in the Beer Caps, make a sound the fish can't resist
  11. Meed help finding a lure. its a discontinued soft plastic made by a Georgia based company thats not around anymore. i have two of the original lures. and need help finding more or making a mold for them so i can make them myself. will pay for a mold. the company is "Rattlesnake Tackle Co. McDonough Georgia"
  12. Anyone have any wire forming type tools they don't use anymore looking to make my own idea for inline type lures... Just barely starting to look for items now
  13. I am new to this and was hoping someone could tell me if this lure is appropriate for fresh water fishing. I appreciate the help. Ryan
  14. Where can I get lure packaging mass produced from? The ones I have now are printed with my logo and what not but the company I bought it from previously went out of business. Any direct companies that anyone knows of? I have the design and everything just need it in mass rather than just a few.
  15. I have made a video on how I painted it which can be found here.
  16. Curious who you guys watch on YouTube to learn new patterns? I am just trying to see how others are doing it visually. I like this link for Brown Trout! I think it's a great final product for a beginner lure painter. Who do you guys watch? Do you have your own channels?
  17. Was thinking about trying to make some baits out of alumifoam.What I was wondering was when I make the mold should I make it where it holds the lip and I pour the foam around the lip or should I make the lure then cut a spot out and epoxie the lip in and weight etc>Or will epoxies even work with a foam bait. thanks guys
  18. Today i painted my very first lure and it was an old beat up Hot n Tot that i found when i was fishing and I removed the remaining paint and decided to paint it today and without having much airbrushing experience i went with a firetiger pattern and I am really happy with the way it turned out. now to add some epoxy and clear it and add some hooks but i just wanted to share my first lure with you guys! If you guys have any tips that could be useful for me with painting lures feel free to post them all help is appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Custom Balsa Crank I Built and painted

    © @Andrews custom Wood Lures (Paul Andrews)

  20. Homemade bait made from wood.It uses two strong treble hoooks on the body of the bait. The propeller has a sleeve that impedes corrosion of the propeller screw. This bait was designed for fishing peacock bass in the Amazon basin. It has 6.19" in Length, two 4X 2/0 VMC treble hooks, ,092 magnun screws and propeller.
  21. Custom painted Baby Bass crankbait created by Gills 'n Thrills Customized Lures / Kayla Moore. Color combinations of red, yellow, lime green, hunter green, black and white with a scale pattern and glitter for some special effects. Was brought out fishing after completed and caught a 26 1/2" walleye!
  22. smilinjoe

    USA Joe

    My finishing process intentionally raises the grain of the wood to enhance the look of the lure. The USA Joe is a top water bait and was inspired by my love of this great country I live in. Thanks! Smilin Joe
  23. Ok I have been trying to make my own baits for a while and i finalyl got a few that work good finally.But i still have a problem that just keeps happening. The etex epoxy keeps covering my eyes that the hooks hang on and the line tie in my bait. then if i try to chisel etc it off it cranks sometimes and the bait kinda looks bad sometimes from it. I love the look the tex gives but really need some help on cpould be doing wrong. I have a spinner and everything. Could I be applying it to thick or? Maybe ishould let it sit some after mixing to let it thicken? any help would be appreciated. I use scotch tape to protect the diving bill would love a better way to do that as well thanks guys in advance
  24. O'l Robzilla


    Different colour variation, no clear coat yet.
  25. It's extremely flat, coffin bill, and is extremely ugly, lol. Anyone know what this is?
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