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  1. Really helps. Thanks so much for the detailed explanation and pic.
  2. Thank you cadman. If you do have pics available and not to much trouble I'd very much appreciate posting the pics. I don't want to ruin the mold modifying any wrong area
  3. Thanks. Looking at 1/0 and Size 1 hooks if possible in the 1/16 and 1/32 slots. To make hair jigs using light wire hooks.
  4. Hi all Sorry if this a repeat. Looking to get a 90 degree light wire hook from either Gama or Owner that will fit perfect or with minimal modification to the Do it round ball jig mold RHB-7-A. Any suggestions? ? Thanks
  5. chachybaby

    Molds for Sale - 3 Lot

    Price drop $90 for all three
  6. Hi Looking for the following molds. Please let me if you are selling. PM me. Basstackle 722 mold or HDX craw, or Angling AI Big Show Craw, or BTS 704 Craw
  7. chachybaby

    Molds for Sale - 3 Lot

    3 molds for sale, to sell as a lot. All in great condition, used a few times but not enough to keep them. $100 TYD 1- BassTackle Punch Claw Aluminum Single Cavity 2 piece mold - 3.4" baits http://www.basstackle.com/BT_Punch_Claw_p/556-kj-1.htm 1- Keitech Krazy Flapper 2.8" Single Cavity Artificial stone 2 piece mold 1- Keitech Krazy Flapper 3.6" 2 Cavity Artificial stone 2 piece mold Willing to trade for Basstackle 722 mold or HDX craw, or Angling AI Big Show Craw, or BTS 704 Craw
  8. chachybaby

    Epoxy lure eyes

    hi Tubeman I'm in Newmarket ON, do you have anything smaller like 7/32" or 5/32"? or just what's listed? thanks
  9. Thanks for replies. Which Dayton motor? Model and location to buy?
  10. Hi guys Looking for a cheap effective stirrer for a home made presto pot setup making soft plastics. Will this work? Any other recommendations? I'm getting no where reviewing the threads or maybe haven't come across something I can do on my own. saw it on ebay. Thanks in advance Gourmia Gst210 Stiriffic
  11. Thanks man How you finding that plastisol btw? Your baits changing colours or fading at all.
  12. I did add a little bears fine powder salt to mix and scents before and after pouring. Added stabilizer because i reheat, few drops. Kept them in zip lock bags with bit worm oil for storage. Too many variables I know. I never put baits in water after pouring. Next time I'm adding nothing to mix besides stabilizer
  13. chachybaby


    Wow. Great guy. Helped me learn how to make tubes. RIP buddy. You will be missed.
  14. Hi guys This may be an old topic. But for a newbie, I poured some baits last year and over the year noticed their colour changing and fading. Why is it happening? Something I did? I used c creek clear plastisol and colorants from bears
  15. Hey guys, Was wondering if I'm doing something wrong when dipping in clear plastisol to coat the eyes on my swimbaits. I'm using a small amount of regular plastisol and mixing till its very thin. Then dipping the head of my baits to cover the eyes. I even tried dipping into water straight after to cool. I think I watched a video from Frank on youtube. They don't come out as nice as Franks. I notice with mine they come out pretty thick and lose that original look, like a bulge around the head and eyes. Is there something I'm doing wrong or something else I could try?? Also, has anyone else noticed with the sticker type eyes, the colour starts to bleed in the sticker after being covered in the clear plastisol?? Thanks in advance, C
  16. thanks guys, will probably end up trying either Bondo or a RTV silicone material, maybe Rhodorosil V-340, if anyone has used this let me know how it went.. been reading it should work pretty good, just a bit on the pricey side
  17. hehe, ya sometimes I feel I'm making these baits to appeal more to myself than to the fish
  18. theres smoke comin outta my ears... mind blowin. Arguably one of the best, if not, best drop-shot fishermen in the world. Simple as that, difference in color contrast between light and dark. here i am matching baits to the exact "T"
  19. I'm just starting out too and from what I've experienced so far (and probably a bunch of us on here will agree) is that its a ton of fun and VERY addicting (in a good way of course). The guys and gals on here are a wealth of knowledge and class acts all the way... As for getting started, I found it useful to start looking up posts on the forum and learning before hand what you personally want to accomplish. These guys/gals have been there and done that time and time again. I would look up especially safety precautions or Do's and Do Not's on getting started. There are "Pinned" posts at the top of each section in the forum. Depending on whether you would like to make baits on a large or small scale, I would suggest for getting started with small batches these items; Pyrex cups that can be microwaved, and used as a pouring device Microwave or hot plate (to heat up the plastisol) Safey glasses, gloves, well ventilated area etc *are a must* (heated plastisol gets very hot!) Plastisol (to each's own, everyone prefers a certain brand, research to see what you prefer, or ask the supplier for samples) Caney creek crystal clear was my first plastisol ever used, have nothing to compare it to, but have no complaints, baits come out great. Very little to no smoke, no odours etc A few of your fav colourants Glitters, salt and scents (if you prefer them) Stir rod Molds (whether you want to purchase or dive right in and make your own, there are very good tutorials on this site on how to do this) I believe janns netcraft has a plastic making starter kit, if you just want to get a feel for things. Check out the other sponsors on this site for more info on where to buy certain supplies. Once you get hooked and are tired with the open pours, you will need injectors,two piece molds etc. the sky is the limit, hope this helps you get started... C
  20. ok thanks guys, its maknig much more sense now. As always, very good explanations. If not using other materials(pop etc), I'm reading a fiberglass resin mold is probably better suited for an open pour mold, that sound right? also, I know this should be in the wire baits posts, but anybody have experience pouring lead into a (2 part) D2T sealed POP-mold ?? Does the D2T,pop handle the heat or is this idea a recipe for disaster? Obviously I'd make sure the pop was completely dry and sealed properly. It'd be a mold for small batch production, not expecting it to last forever. I was leaning towards the bondo mold from what I read for this application and hence my question on the clarification. thanks, C
  21. hey guys, sorry to be such a newb on this one, and its probably been answered somewhere in the mass of replies... but I've been trying to read and understand the numerous posts/discussions regarding Bondo and how to make one and two piece molds. The more I read, the more its confusing me. Body filler, polyester resin and fiberglass resin need to be broken down better since I'm a bit on the slow side. I see on the Bondo website, that the body filler and fiberglass resin are different products. Reading the discussions on this forum people are making molds using a) both products on their own or b)a mixture of the two at the same time (my understanding for durabilty, higher resistance to heat and distortion??) Can anyone clarify the difference between polyester resin and body filler?? Is polyester resin esentially fiberglass resin? Cuz I keep seeing polyester resin pop up alot. Thanks, C
  22. how long is a good amount of time to cure the baits? I normally lay them over night on the bench and then bag them a few days later... I wonder if its ok
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