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  1. I see. Ya its a round head inward facing keeper 90 degree jig head. I'll try the glue durine tying as.well
  2. Munkin how are the blades from countbass? Are thick? The first hole closest to head is it smaller compared to other 2 where the clip connects?
  3. Good input here. Was thinking same on how to improve. I will try both t oven and pan to see which is working better for me to speed process up, and report.
  4. Thanks tf I'll try that. Could it be too that I'm putting to much on at once?
  5. Hi all Having difficulty maintaining the synthetic fur while tying. A pile pulls off after I'm done tying. I'm tying on small 1/8 oz jigs. Length of fur is about inch. Using dansville 210 denier flymaster + thread. Probably my technique but does anyone have solution to this? Certain technique or method to follow? Is it normal or just me. Thanks in advance
  6. X2 for the plier method. Also what works great is very thin fly tying wire to hold the blade at first eye. Then heat with heat gun and dip in fluid bed making sure to get very thin coat. The thin wire barely touches the blade making it very easy to take blade off once cool. Bake in the toaster oven to cure. For the dull flat look I tried something last night after using flat black powder paint. I took a nail file and lightly roughed up the blade after paint cured. I like the finish and look.
  7. X2 for the heat gun and use fluid bed for nice light coat. So far it's working great.
  8. Hi all, what is the secret to getting a slight accent color under the jig head where it blends in so smoothly? similar to pic attached. Can it be done with powder paint? or is it sprayed on? can't figure it out. in the attached pic you see a nice highlight of green blending into the green pumpkin on the jig head. thanks in advance
  9. i have tried the powder coat method similar to paint jigs, cure them in oven. So far so good.
  10. The dull finish reminds me of brake dust or something automotive
  11. Thanks all. Excellent input so far appreciate it
  12. Anyone know how to paint and get the dull finish of black chatterbait or phenix blades? Doesn't look like paint.
  13. Looking for basic stirrer system that can be used on presto pot. Ideally used. Let me know if your willing to sell. Thanks
  14. Really helps. Thanks so much for the detailed explanation and pic.
  15. Thank you cadman. If you do have pics available and not to much trouble I'd very much appreciate posting the pics. I don't want to ruin the mold modifying any wrong area
  16. Thanks. Looking at 1/0 and Size 1 hooks if possible in the 1/16 and 1/32 slots. To make hair jigs using light wire hooks.
  17. Hi all Sorry if this a repeat. Looking to get a 90 degree light wire hook from either Gama or Owner that will fit perfect or with minimal modification to the Do it round ball jig mold RHB-7-A. Any suggestions? ? Thanks
  18. chachybaby

    Molds for Sale - 3 Lot

    Price drop $90 for all three
  19. Hi Looking for the following molds. Please let me if you are selling. PM me. Basstackle 722 mold or HDX craw, or Angling AI Big Show Craw, or BTS 704 Craw
  20. chachybaby

    Molds for Sale - 3 Lot

    3 molds for sale, to sell as a lot. All in great condition, used a few times but not enough to keep them. $100 TYD 1- BassTackle Punch Claw Aluminum Single Cavity 2 piece mold - 3.4" baits http://www.basstackle.com/BT_Punch_Claw_p/556-kj-1.htm 1- Keitech Krazy Flapper 2.8" Single Cavity Artificial stone 2 piece mold 1- Keitech Krazy Flapper 3.6" 2 Cavity Artificial stone 2 piece mold Willing to trade for Basstackle 722 mold or HDX craw, or Angling AI Big Show Craw, or BTS 704 Craw
  21. chachybaby

    Epoxy lure eyes

    hi Tubeman I'm in Newmarket ON, do you have anything smaller like 7/32" or 5/32"? or just what's listed? thanks
  22. Thanks for replies. Which Dayton motor? Model and location to buy?
  23. Hi guys Looking for a cheap effective stirrer for a home made presto pot setup making soft plastics. Will this work? Any other recommendations? I'm getting no where reviewing the threads or maybe haven't come across something I can do on my own. saw it on ebay. Thanks in advance Gourmia Gst210 Stiriffic
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