anyone ever use fiberglass resin?

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I would say that if the lures are for your own use only, then go ahead. I think it makes an excellent sealer. Plus, you don't have to wait days to continue the process of finishing. If you are considering selling your lures, then further testing will have to be done.

The big problem is that polyester resin is brittle. Drop a small ball end hammer from 2" and you will see the damage. You would have to build a couple, complete. No paint but with top coat and go cast them into rocks a dozen times. Then I would soak test them, in water with a few drops of dish soap, for 24 hours. Weigh them before and after.

If the lure fails and gains weight, then you have breached the top coat. Now you have to carefully peal the top coat off, to find out if the seal coat is still intact. This might not be necessary, as any damage should be visible through the top coat.

I really hope it does survive this test, as I would love to use it as a seal coat. Even if it fails, I am going to use it for fixing twisted eyes in, as its pull strength, even in balsa, is way more than strong enough.

I don't know of anyone else using it as a seal coat, this fact alone means it is not promising. So let me know how it pans out for you.


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