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surfk9    36

I'm starting a two-joint "slammer" knockoff....curious where to put ballast...on my other top waters (poppers and punker style) i usually have weighting a little past center... any suggestions? Thanks, Surfk9

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bassguy    41

Since the "slammer" is a wake type bait, I would do as you did on the others, just a little past center to get the maximum side to side motion. Just my .02.


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RayburnGuy    1,338

Since your essentially building a swim bait the general rule of thumb is to place your heaviest ballast towards the front with it getting lighter toward the rear of the bait. This has a tendency to make the head stay still and let the following, lighter sections move side to side. A lot of advice I've read here at TU says to put no ballast at all in the tail section. The heavier you make the back sections the harder it is to get them to perform the swimming action.

This is for baits swim baits without a lip. I'm not familiar with the slammer so if it has a lip then ballasting may not be as critical as if it had no lip.

Do a search on ballasting, or weighting, swim baits and you should get lots of reading material.


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