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Lexan Lips

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Just getting into making a few hard baits and have been struggling to be consistent when cutting lexan for the lip of a bait I am working on. Is there anyone who would be willing to help me out? I can get you a template for the lip I am wanting, not looking for a large bulk supply but maybe 25 or so to start. Let me know if you can help me out.

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Jurgo, to make consistent lips you need an accurate template.  I use Powerdraw, a free CAD program.  There's a small learning curve with the software but it makes it easy to get a perfectly symmetrical lip with a line tie hole dead center.  A real advantage to Powerdraw is that it prints out the template in the correct size on a standard inkjet printer.  I rough cut lips with a pair of aircraft metal snips, about $12 at Home Depot, leaving about a millimeter outside the template, then use a Dremel with a fine sanding cylinder to take the lip down to the exact template line.  To finish, I polish the edges with a felt polishing cylinder on my Dremel.


Not something I would do for $$ but it goes surprisingly fast, 10 minutes per lip.  I don't use a large number of any lip design, so having a company laser cut or stamp cut lips is not an reasonable option - but one you might investigate.

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Hello Jurgo68,


Making bibs is very time consuming. I used to spend a lot of time sanding my bibs to get them just right after cutting them. if your going to be making a baits for some time into the future, I highly recommend this method for making bibs. I made three today in less than a minute using a template I made over a year ago. Gene's method does a great job and is accurate every time. Here is the link. If your interested or have question feel free to ask. 



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