proper setting for LEE Pot 1-10

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Jonah    11

There's no correct setting as the thermostats aren't that precise. Each pot could require a different setting. Experiment to find the best setting for your pots

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bryanmc    62

Something to keep in mind with a Lee pot...  The heating element only knows two speeds, 0 or 100%.  The "thermostat" just shuts the current to the element off when it (the air temp inside the "stand) hits a certain temp.  I install a small lamp in the power lead from the stat to the element so I can easily see when there is power going to the element (heating).   I also make a wire holder that suspends a kitchen thermometer in the plastic, just above the bottom of the crucible.  After a while you will get the knack of when (what temp) to turn the knob down (cut off power to the element) so the temp will not go past your target temp.  When I was getting it all dialed in, I saw huge swings after I stopped power to the element ie. cutting the power at 325 degrees and watching the plastic temp run up to 380 degrees, even with the pot unplugged.    

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