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Trying to make another mold

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I have a jig mold that is not made anymore i  cannot find one any where, It has a brush guard in it. I was wondering if i could possibly make a duplicate mold of the 1 i have now?

Maybe make  2 boxes  the same exact size pour  maybe silicone or bondo to make mold of it,  Then take to my buddy that works in aluminum foundry and have him make a mold of it?

I do understand the boxes i make have to be the same . I didnt no what release agent  i would need so the bondo or silicone i use will come off the mold without damage.

I never did this before but the mold i have now  only has 1 cavity in it ad i would like a mold with 2 or 3  cavities .


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I have read and read and researched this  and didn't see  any  ideas so i thought i would join here and ask a question


I guess no body could help??

This aluminum mold i have is only 1 cavity and i wanted to make a bigger mold .

Nobody tried this before? 

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silicone does not need a mold release, because silicone does not stick to anything.

If i was making a mold out of bondo i would use Vaseline as a mold release maybe thin it with mineral spirits.

make sure what you copy, your jig, dosen't have nay undercuts or you won't get it out of the bondo mold.

IF you make a mold out of RTV silicone I would use that to pour my jigs. 

the foundry thing sounds complicated to me. 

after re-reading you post you want to copy the molds not the jig. How are you going to make multiple cavities?

I would say  that no response means not many have tried this.


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The cast aluminum mold i have is only 1 Cavity so what i want to do is make 3 replicas and take to foundry and have them make a mold that has 3 cavities but in 1 mold ( If that makes sense? ) I was told by foundry that the silicone would not be hard enough for it to work correctly. 

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