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  1. I do the same, because with paints out of spray cans, I had the problem that the epoxy would mix up with the paint and so I tried fixing it because it seems that varnish doesn't have a problem with the epoxy like the paint did.
  2. So this time I tried to consider all of your Tipps and some problems disappeared. But some didn't... Did use clearcoat instead of epoxy.
  3. Okay, I'll be back after some testings.
  4. I'll definitely try that.
  5. Thanks for the comment. Hmm maybe something oilbased would work better, I'm not sure. I've texted him now, maybe he can help me out. We've waited a few hours between the paint and the epoxy. We'll have an eye on the mixture and try mixing it longer. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. I use different woods and ureol/sikablock polyurethane hard foam. I seal it with superglue, but I don't have an Airbrush. I use acrylic spray can paint and tried to seal it with epoxy. KBS is unfortunately not available here in Germany. Steen
  7. Hey guys I'm a German Luremaker in the beginning and need some help .I didn't thought much about how to design my lures, but now that I've made some pike Lures I struggle with the spraypaint and the epoxy. I began with sealing the lure with super glue and put acetone based spraypaint on it. Now that Ive tried to put some epoxy on it, it created a big mess. I'm gone try a different spraypaint and try to put a clear coat and the epoxy afterwards, hope it will fix it... But I'm not really sure if it will be fixed by changing the spraypaint... Maybe you guy's got some ideas how this problem can be fixed. Thanks Steen
  8. Hey my name is Steen, im 23 years old and I'm from Germany. I'm looking into making my own lures but don't have a Airbrush. So right now I'm liking into spray painting lures, but always have problems with my epoxy attacking the paint and in the end, having a not hardened epoxy that mixtured itself into the paint. Do you have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
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