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Trying to Achieve a Flawless Finish

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Good stuff Vince, I always follow the 10 minute rule for E-tex. I'm one of the guys who always cleans my epoxy utensiles for reuse, but I clean up with rubbing alcohol rather than acetone etc, which makes for much more pleasant, and safer, recycling. I do it as part of my routine, and once in the habit of cleaning immediately after use, it takes only a couple of minutes, and a minimum of effort, after a short learning curve.


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A comment about cleaning brushes: Never wipe a brush loaded with epoxy on a paper towel, then reload it with epoxy for the next lure. The brush WILL pick up fibers from the paper towel. It's OK to use a paper towel to clean the brush before swishing it around in solvent at the end of the day. The solvent will release any loose fibers. But then dry the brush on a lint free cloth.

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Hi Vince

Excellent advice. I allow my etex to stand for a whole hour. Bear in mind in the UK we have low temperatures and high humidity which have an effect on cure times

An hour:eek:,i only live about 30-40 miles from you phil must be massively different weather conditions in yorkshire as opposed to dry sunny lancashire:lol:,i leave it for 20 minutes or so before i use it,I find it unworkable after an hour

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