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    I’d be happy to make you anything you’d like in sizes from 3 1/2” upward 8”
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    Still have molds
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    Thanks for the update and post bryanmc.... There is an update on the BTS store site. To all of us; FWIW I actually spoke to Bob on Tuesday morning. Now that this update from his site is public, I feel ok discussing a little if anyone is interested. He told me in essence the same things that are disclosed on his site. From the tones in his voice, I felt he wa being honest. He DID NOT sound well at all...I won't disclose the personal stuff, but he needs support and prayer if you are so inclined.He indicated to me that he was going to have his sons helping out with the catch up and orders from now on. At least for now, I am going to give Bob the benefit of the doubt. Y'all do what YOU feel you must.
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