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  1. WTB: Basstackle cricket molds

    I'm looking for a couple of the basstackle cricket molds if anyone has some they are not using? I have some molds for trade or can purchase.
  2. UV enhanced paints ??

    I wonder if you can take the UV additive for the plastic's and mix a little in your paint?
  3. Beaver style molds?

    I agree! Curt has some amazing molds and very fair prices! 90% of my molds have come from him.
  4. MF Plastic Colorant

    I keep a bunch of cube rare earth magnets around. they are about the size of a pea. I drop one into each bottle of color I get and use it to mix the color and if its been sitting a while I get the other magnets out and use them to move the one in the bottle around the bottom to knock the settled stuff loose. When I'm done with the bottle I just dump the magnet out and clean it for the next bottle.
  5. Lead pouring beginner

    I started with the hot pot and went to one of the bottom pour pots real quick. I had the same trouble even after pouring lead on the sides of the mold to heat them more. with the bottom pour Lee pot I get a much better pour. It was worth the upgrade cost!
  6. Duck season

    I'm just getting started on tying and would gladly pay shipping for some if you have any to spare this season!
  7. Custom molds

    You might check with Curt at Enforcer. He's from Canada but does great work and ships via USPS. I buy a lot of his molds. He may be on vacation now but will get back to you as quick as possible
  8. Good crappie molds??

    I have been shooting my Stinger in the Baitjunky's medium. So far my tails have held up quite well. I can get quite a few fish off 1 bait. I use a dual injector with mine but did order the lam plates as its hard for me to keep 2 colors hot enough with just 1 microwave right now so the lam plates make it easier by just heating one color at a time.
  9. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    I love BaitJunkys degassed plastisol. I'm fairly new to bait making still and tried a few other brands and when I got my first batch of Baitjunkys I was super impressed! I now have 10 gallons on the self and it will be the only plastic I pour going forward!
  10. Presto Pots with Stirrer

    Im thinking of upping my game and would like to get 2 presto pots with stirrers if anyone has any for sale that are still in good shape.
  11. Basstackle sale

    Same here. Wish I would have known about the sale a month ago. I ordered some more today but would have saved a ton last month!!
  12. Special hooks for Crappie Jig Flys?

    Do you use special longer shank hooks for crappie jig flys? I got some do-it molds for the round head with no collar and was wondering if I use regular 90 degree hooks or if there are some with longer shanks.
  13. Dual Injector question

    That looks very similar to the Do-It setup. I wish I would have saw that one before I spent the money on the Do-it. I may have to get one of these to have a 2nd setup.
  14. Selling bait & jig molds

    I am open to trades of other molds or hooks etc. PM me your offers. Looking for some Frog and creature type molds
  15. Inserting glass rattles

    I take my knife and put a drop of plastic in the mold where I want the rattle then set the rattle while its hot then close the mold and inject. That way its surrounded with plastic.