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  1. I would also consider trading some molds for a dual injector system.
  2. I am looking to sell off some of my molds that I am not using so I can change out for some new ones. Below is a list of the molds with prices. Price is shipped! If you want more than 1 mold I can work with you on shipping to reduce the overall cost. I have photos available just PM me your email address and which you are interested in. 2 2" Crappie Worm from Enforcer $45 ea 5 2" CRPT200 "Tad pole" from Enforcer $45 ea 1 Do-it Football Jig Mold Sz: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 $35 1 Do-it Shak-it jig mold 1/8oz $35 1 Do-it Removable Split Shot Sinker Sz: 1/32, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8 $35
  3. A friend has one and they have made stencils for painting on the wall with it. They used the thicker stencil plastic.
  4. I saw a video on the dual injectors and was wondering how many folks use them and if they get a good quality 2 color bait pretty frequently out of them or do you prefer the laminate plates? Seems like the injector would make things go faster.
  5. I'm still new to the game also but I have been "hooked" I dropped a good chunk of my tax check on colors, molds etc. I now have enough colors to color 1000 gallons of plastic lol. I have made a few and getting ready to make a bunch more this weekend. I am mainly going to do Crappie baits but some bass baits too.
  6. Welcome back! I am also from Indiana. Im in Jeffersonville.
  7. I just ordered me a couple of the new ones along with a lam plate to go with them and the other molds I got. They have worked real well so far!
  8. That does look great! I just got several molds in from them and shot them this weekend. They turned out great. I will probably be buying many of my molds from him!
  9. I am looking for a 4 1/2" finesse worm mold. I saw where Bear's has it but after seeing how long it takes for him to ship I would like to find one that's ready to ship if anyone has one for sale or can point me to a site that has some in stock.