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  1. First Jigs Ever!

    Those turned out real nice. I plan to start making jigs like that soon. I already pour lead and plastics so this is the next step.
  2. Hook storage in humid garage

    I've got a bunch of the desiccant packs that I can ship ya. I get them with my medicine and have a good hand full.
  3. Dead on plastix

    Medium plastic is all I buy. I keep a bottle of softener and hardener on hand in case I want a little different action to the plastic. most of my crappie baits get a little softener and everything else I've done so far has been just straight medium.
  4. Presto Pot questions

    no problem. Yea I like to microwave the plastic so I can monitor it and stir it well to make sure it all gets to the turnover point and make sure my color is right in the clear pyrex before I dump it in the dark pot.
  5. Presto Pot questions

    Get some heat stabilizer. It does not take much for 4-8 oz of plastic. A teaspoon or less is what I use. It will allow you to reheat more. The pots are handy to keep plastic workable. I bought one from Amazon for $20 and get my plastic to the turnover point in the microwave then I pour it into the pre-warmed pot around 325 and shoot. I stir before each pull into the injector to make sure my glitter is mixed good.
  6. new shop

    Jim is right on so many levels. Plan to have extra juice for the workshop area since you will be melting plastics, lead pots, etc. 6-8 outlets on 3 breakers would be where I would want to be if I was building a shop maybe more with several good exhaust fans.
  7. Any Blackfriday Mold deals?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any mold makers offering Black Friday deals? I know Enforcer is offering 15% off from 11/24 to 12/1 with code EBM241
  8. Magic Craw reciepe

    Maybe use a blue pearl powder?
  9. Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable boat

    I am looking to sell my Sea Eagle SE9 inflatable boat. I bought it this summer and have not even had it on the water yet. I got it out of the package to inflate it and check it out and never got a chance to use it. My Dad is giving me his boat this fall so I figured I would sell this one. I am willing to sell the boat with all it comes with from the factory for $350 which is over $100 off the new price. I can also throw in a 50lb thrust tolling motor, new battery, battery box and anchor for a extra $150. I am willing to meet with 100 miles or so of Louisville, KY on a weekend. I can meet during the week if its closer.PM for photos as I do not have them loaded to this PC but can send from my phone later.
  10. WTB: Basstackle cricket molds

    I'm looking for a couple of the basstackle cricket molds if anyone has some they are not using? I have some molds for trade or can purchase.
  11. UV enhanced paints ??

    I wonder if you can take the UV additive for the plastic's and mix a little in your paint?
  12. Beaver style molds?

    I agree! Curt has some amazing molds and very fair prices! 90% of my molds have come from him.
  13. MF Plastic Colorant

    I keep a bunch of cube rare earth magnets around. they are about the size of a pea. I drop one into each bottle of color I get and use it to mix the color and if its been sitting a while I get the other magnets out and use them to move the one in the bottle around the bottom to knock the settled stuff loose. When I'm done with the bottle I just dump the magnet out and clean it for the next bottle.
  14. Lead pouring beginner

    I started with the hot pot and went to one of the bottom pour pots real quick. I had the same trouble even after pouring lead on the sides of the mold to heat them more. with the bottom pour Lee pot I get a much better pour. It was worth the upgrade cost!
  15. Duck season

    I'm just getting started on tying and would gladly pay shipping for some if you have any to spare this season!