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Crawfish 2


Latest project, been working on this for the past couple of days. Need some better water conditions and some hungry fish for final testing.

  • Body carved from high density poly foam.
  • Notice tie point is on the tail to pull the bait through the water like a natural crayfish in escape mode.
  • Hook is a standard treble hook with the opposing barb cut off to minimize snagging. This may change based on testing.
  • Claws are craft foam, we'll see how that holds up in use.
  • Legs are standard spinnerbait skirt material, (four strands)
  • Legs and claws are replacable if they get worn.


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I'm interested to hear how the craft foam holds up. I've thought of using it to make fins and tails on some of my lures. Your lure is beautiful!



As far as durability the craft foam holds up just fine.  Fly tiers have used craft foam for years in a wide variety of lures.  I have however quit using it on the crayfish lure due to entanglement with the hooks.  The new version has the claws represented by spinner bait skirts pushed out toward the outside.  I think it works as well, but lost some of the visual appeal.


Jim P

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Yes it is a through wire.  I'm looking forward to trying out the the crayfish lure, all I need is some fishable water.  We are high and muddy here.

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