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  1. nope it just sits here like this till i need it.
  2. you wont find shap rap blanks probably, at least i have not plenty of flicker styles out there. get a few different ones till you find one you like. repaints are / can be a lot of work if you want them nice. sandblasting is probably the best if you have access to a cabinet. thats how a lot of the pre rap wiggle warts are done. i just re did some shad raps recently and its more prep time than it was worth otherwise as previously stated you can tape bill and scuff paint and make stuff different colors. you can also just respray factory sealed baits with laquer paint if you dont want to reseal. scotch brite the finish a bit and go, this is by far the fastest and easiest
  3. the can i have now is getting close to a couple years old. it goes a long way. and i have not had issue with it clogging at all and im not doing anything special as far as maintenance on it. But i also dont have much issue with regular kbs hardening in the can and stuff like some others do, so maybe my garage is just kbs friendly
  4. just get the kbs in the aerosol can. it works good for personal use. somewhere here i have pics of a few jigs i used on. pretty good protection and keeps eyes on relatively well. i use on all my personal stuff also...can use lacquers as well, better than acrylic for that. or there would be no need for acrylic specifically for that use
  5. maybe i should retitle, you can only have 5 what would they be. you don't know where you're going or when. I'm thinking id go: 1. natural shad of some type 2. chartreuse sided something with a dark back 3. fire tiger 4. orange / red craw 5. natural craw
  6. here is a pic of a crank i was fiddling with the other day with a new to me mottling stencil, and some craw stripes, the stripes didnt turn out great but you get the idea. there are tons of different types of texture stencils
  7. i really like using texture, mottling etc type stencils. its a great way to add a little xtra realism and depth.
  8. As we roll into the hardwater season here in the north country means less fishing and more painting for me. If you had to pick your top 5 paint patterns what would they be? Do you like more modern stuff, or like the vintage look? Flashy colors or more natural? If you have pics or links to pics even better. I need some inspiration as i feel my artsy side is in a bit of a funk.
  9. I am looking for some heavy duty stainless wire for a though wire project. Minimum .062 but could use a bit heavier. Needs to be hard. Any recommendations?
  10. anyone have a good stencil they use for crawfish mottling?
  11. anyone here do spearing decoys? i was recently asked to do a batch. I understand the basic principles of the things and have everything i would need to build them but looking for some finer points on making good ones that work properly not just look good.
  12. if you want to see something interesting on scent. google taku ito scent powder. guy is one of the best bass anglers in the world. the Japanese fishing community is a huge believer in scent where they deal with extreme angling pressure.
  13. How are you guys clearing your jointed baits? Built myself some the other day and ended up clearing them (brush on) in two halfs then assembling them after. But want to do same bait as a though wire and clearly that wont work.
  14. lots of pro bass guys soaking baits in buckets of gulp juice. even if you dont see them. doesnt seem to chase any fish away. ive seen days im positive scent helped. some days it doesnt matter. but the days it doesnt matter im just going to be using a spinnerbait anyway lol
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