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  1. i use epoxy thickened with west systems 404. Can make as thick as you want.
  2. very nice! what do you use for the tail?
  3. NVM lol i see the pic in the other post
  4. you dont happen to have a picture of this do you? i'd be interested in seeing how to do
  5. not sure if you ever watch any of Randy Blaukats youtube stuff but he did a night time spinnerbait one awhile back. Might be a good start. i dont bass fish after dark much, but do do a fair amount of musky fishing then. I have had a lot of luck with black bodies and chartreuse blades. Especially when there is a little moonlight. If its more dark moony then the golds, black nickel, silvers are maybe better.
  6. Try waiting a full 24 hours or more. It can take that long or more for some paints
  7. how long between the paint and epoxy? paint can be dry but not cured and that can make a mess sometimes? also if two part epoxy make sure its mixed more than sufficient. i set a 5 minute timer for mixing, its way longer than you think lol
  8. Anyone have experience with? Do they run well? Mold well? I'm thinking of getting a set (if i can find).
  9. Outlaw4

    Wake Bait

    Wake bait is up next on my to do list. Always wanted to build one just never seem to get around to it. Planning on a good size bait like maybe 6" or so minus the tail (if one). Any tips from wake bait gurus? Lip angle, joint segment ratio, tails, weight / balance?
  10. Outlaw4


    i thought maybe it was Alumalite, but could have been another place that had a chart to match wood densities. ive not made a resin bait but hoping to experiment with it this season some
  11. man ive caught a lot of bass on a green pumpkin hack attack jig with a 4" chigger craw. it'd be a great way to build confidence. ive had good success with jigs on clear water fishing deep weed lines. most people figure jigs for shallow water but sometimes bass really like the vertical fall, and most strikes will come that way, often you'll just see your line move.
  12. id love to see that in the water. very cool!
  13. this is not a spitting sound. the swoosh comes from the side to side displacement of water. sometimes referred to as the "death march"....swoosh swoosh swoosh
  14. Outlaw4


    these have been on my to do list for a bit. thanks for the motivation those are very nicely done
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