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  1. I have an Angling AI 4" and %" twin tail, and an old Del's 4" single tail. I just looked at those, and others online, and I'm now wondering if they all use a thick body , larger dimensions to avoid copyright licensing infringement issues. The bodies are all thicker, the tails are different. I used to use the Yamamoto exclusively when I first started smallmout fishing. And I still haven't found what I'm looking for. But the Angling AI is a close second, though it might be too thick for your application. I fish my grubs on a 1/8-3/8 round jighead, using either a 1/0 or 2/0 hook.
  2. I did an experiment over the winter. I had bought a skirt mold. Made some blue/black 5" stickbaits, and using my hot knife attached the skirt to the top of the stickbait. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at those bass, and became the king of pickerel. My son tied on a blue/black stickbait with a blue skirt, and nailed a 3lb LMB. not bad for a day with 15mph winds. I also have firetiger stickbait skirt combos. Twin and single tail grub skirt combos. May even make a few craw skirt combos.
  3. Is your Blue Plum a commercial color, or one you made yourself? I can't seem to find the MF Blue Craw, or maybe it was never put on the website? Is it similar to the DOP Blue Craw?and I'm guessing that Bear's Marine is a relic? Strange word to spell. Phthalo is short for Phthalocyanine
  4. I use only phtalo blue. Kind of a florescent blue.I make a laminate with blue flake, and the other half is black wih blue flake. While I'm not a user of this bait my son is. He slays 'em with this combo . Oh yeah...this is a 5" stick bait. I just start using blue craw colorant to make yup, craws. My first impression was" this color sucks" till I hung up to cure. The blue came through in the light. Not in the light they looked brown. Haven't used them yet but I should grab a few small mouth with them. I also made a laminate crawof blue craw/orange. Again, when I demolded " this color sucks". When I threw them in a water bath. The entire color changed. I really like the combo. Again, a small mouth bait for me. I do need to get a regular blue colorant though. Just to make some usual blue black laminated baits without flake.
  5. Did a search on Harbor Freight. No meat grinders came up. Lots of them on the bay place for sale I may have to get one
  6. This is my method too. This way I can make any color combo I want. I have added legs and skirts to senkos, and grubs, and craws. Using the heat knife I can add them to anything I want. For years I had been trying to figure out how to attach legs or skirts to nail weights for neko rigging. Glues didn't hold, and hot metals of course just melted the legs off when I tried to pour. I have never tried using skirt material strips. I've got tons. Something new to try. And thanks to everyone that posted the threading needle from TW. Now I have something else to spend my money on.
  7. Cut your pucks into very small pieces or find a way to grind them up. Do not try and reheat the entire puck. Go slow on the reheat. I find the brighter colors, orange, yellow, clear, will darken some after a few reheats. Not a lot, but it will be slightly noticeable. I've got pucks up the wazoo, and I'm always reusing them for something. Or blending them to experiment with colors. I just cut mine up with sharp scissors. Takes a few minutes. I'm pretty sure someone here has a better way.
  8. While I e never physically seen this bait color, trying to go by photos I see every shade from straight light watermelon to brown pumpkin.Maybe what I’m seeing as brown pumpkin could be that amber coloring as alsworms stated. In some of the pics of the baits the color reminds me of Berkley camo. How about posting a pic of your finished bait?
  9. The price makes it attractive that's for sure. My experience with Dead On plastisol though have not been good ones. Way too many bubbles. But I'd be willing to give this one a try. Have you used an entire gallon? After a while plastisol does absorb moisture, and that's where it becomes bubble city.
  10. I'll be darned! I will say, after going over all my bottle of watermelon variants and I have a lot, only one had the NB on it. I guess I never noticed because i usually only make all watermelon colored baits. so even if they bled I wouldn't notice. That lureworks 101 may work out for me. I really don't need anything else though, and I hate to order only one thing. I am going to be needing plastic soon, so maybe I'll order the watermelon, and a gallon of their medium soft. I'd still prefer MF, but if I can't get it I have to look at options. MF also has a non bleed watermelon. But again, I don't want to order just one item. The shipping will cost more that the item. Thanks for opening my eyes!
  11. Almost out of the last of the MF plastic and cant seem to be able to get any. Has anyone here tried the DOP Red Label? The price does make it attractive. I really hate all the bubble in DOP plastisol though. But with the money saved I can buy a vacuum chamber.
  12. Not a great pic, but this is close to what I was going for except the watermelon bled into the blue
  13. Don't know if anyone here watches the " Baitchuckin" videos, but I started making a laminate that he makes, and it actually catches fish. It's called " Moon Juice". One side being a pumpkin watermelon blend, and the other half being clear with blue highlight. I was getting ready to make some more tonight by remelting the leftover pucks which I stored together, and make fresh baits ( 5" stickbaits ). When I took the pucks out, the clear pucked looked burnt, but I hadn't burned it. And I realized the watermelon color had bleed into the clear puck. Being the genius that I am, I checked the last run of stick baits and sure enough they were now totally watermelon color. In all my years of doing this I have had only one other color combo bleed and that was Firetiger. The colorants used were MF, The plastic used was MF. The blue highlight was LureCraft. I may have added some softener. Any idea what would have made the watermelon side bleed into the clear blue highlight side? I have some laminates I made 3 or more years ago that have never bled, yet this combo did. I like this moon juice color, but if the colors run, I'm not gonna make 8 baits just to take with me on an outing. I need to get out to the garage and see if I have some moonjuice left over from last season and see if those bled as well.
  14. I do something like that I get black or a color that reminds me of clay
  15. I've been considering a vacuum chamber. I have been a fan of a certain supplier of plastisol for a few years now, and can no longer get my preferred brand which was already degassed and nearly bubble free. The other brands I've tried were bubble city. So to overcome this issue I will have to change brands, and vacuum. But this is only my personal preference. I'm fussy. What can I say? That said if I were just starting out, I'd invest money in molds of the baits I use most. Stickbaits, craws, are a good start. I do like that G4 mold, but I prefer the FGF mold that reproduces a Keitech type ribbed swimbait. Then of course for a hand pour you may need the addition of a hot plate. Plus I can make 8 baits at once rather than one using the FGF injected mold. I also have an AI mold where I can make 8 non ribbed swimbaits. I also have tail molds so I can change things up a bit if I want. How about laminate plates for your stick bait to start out with? That may lead to a dual injector in the future. There are all kinds of things you can invest in before a vacuum chamber. One of the best parts of this hobby is you can go crazy getting the things you want. Become an artist. Add colors, textures. If you do it right eventually you will be just like the rest of us. Lots of glitter we never use, colorants we can't remember what they're for. Through the years I'd say that's part of the fun of it. Getting rid of bubbles can come later. After 30 years I'm only just starting to think about a vacuum chamber. I'd probably have one by now if the dang mold makers would stop coming out with new molds!
  16. This is the most awesome colored craw I have ever seen. I doubt you could get any more realistic if you were using live crawfish! I cannot make out what colorants you used. Any chance you'd care to share the recipe?
  17. Welcome aboard new guy! After years of using laminate plates, I bought a dual injector as a Christmas gift to myself. My advice. Go with the best you can afford. Make sure your injectors have locking nozzles. I have the dual from Fat Guys Fishing. It takes a lot of pressure to inject my molds. If they weren't locking, I'm sure they'd shoot right off making a dangerous mess.
  18. I'm wondering if there were a way we could have a network to help our international members get the supplies they need at a lower cost by having us order for them, and then mailing it to the members? It might help them save some money. Small orders wouldn't weigh too much, so shipping shouldn't be that bad, Nor would customs fees. Remember..This is just a thought.
  19. yup, that would certainly work. The only advantage the the Plum dye and a drop of black would have over the Black Plum would be that you could control the amount of darkening made by black. The Black Plum advantage is it removes the guesswork.
  20. I'm a little late to the dance here, but I not only remember these floating plastics I still have a couple of packs. There was a time when Power Worms came in a true floating variety. We used these to throw over lily pads and floating weed beds. Dang things were deadly in the summer. Then Berkley changed these to a suspending worm, even though they were still called floating. No bueno. The sunk in the weeds and with every cast you'd bring in about a half acre of salad back with you. Next up, Bass Pro had some sort of floating worms and lizards. Only around for a little bit. So what to do. Keep searching. We ended up buying these Air Worms The looked as though they were the spawn of Leggos. French Fry was my preferred. After a few casts, they would start to sink. Reel "em in and squeeze the water out and then good as new. Eventually the lack of finding floating anything is what led me to start pouring my own. Bought a couple of silicone molds from Barlows. Some floating plastics, some bubbles, and chartreuse coloring. And we were back in business. It has to be over 30 years since I used those Air Worms. Nowadays I still make my own floating worms and lizards. Although a much better quality. Only colors made were white. pink, and chartreuse. Weird but each color worked only on specific bodies of water. Learned by trial and error. This year I plan to add black to my selection with maybe some glow parts for night fishing Getting back to French Fry. I'd imagine they can be duplicated very easily. Just takes imagination. I like the bead chain idea. On the floating worms I made, I wanted one with a cupped head to act like a popper. Only had to put a backwards bullet sinker. Imagination.
  21. The plum dye is close. But it might need a tiny bit of black. Like a pin head drop. The emerald green flake is spot on. If you want a bit more flash try a sparkle green flake along with the emerald green. Note that plum dye will will bleed into other colors as will most colorants with the word dye in the name.
  22. The bass pro was Don Iovino.
  23. Yup I have a pack on hand. 7" Power Worms. The worms I have seem to be a single color, Yet depending on what angle or lighting you see them in it may have a red highlight, then a green. While the bait remains clear with red and green flake. Not sure how old the oxblood pigment I have is. It's at least 6 years old. Definitely not 20. I bought it specifically to duplicate the camo color from the recipe page. And to make some oxblood colored worms from an old style worm that was pretty awesome at catching fish. The oxblood was perfect for that. Definitely not the Camo color I'm trying to make. That pic is a laminate. Maybe Berkley changed their recipe? Got the baits in hand. Just can't seem to get it to where I want. It's like 2 different highlight colors in one bait. I may try to take a photo of the actual bait but I doubt a photo will show the proper coloring.
  24. Nope. Clear with small red and medium black. Somewhat cloudy probably from salt. When wet it takes on a pink cast. When it first came out we called it shrimp. Camo is definitely not a laminate at least in power worms. It is almost a transparent root beer? With green highlight? It changes color depending on how you look at it. The saltwater big stuff is definitely a laminate. Who knows maybe Berkeley changed the recipe and it’s now a laminate? The problem with the o blood is it’s not transparent at all so lightening it won’t help. It will just look like lighter mud. Man!I wish I could remember what bass pro made the lures I used made in o blood.
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