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Is there software to buy that you can make labels from?? What material do you print them on for your worm bags?? I want software with a lot of font options, I want to be able to do something a little different than the usual Windows fonts.

The easiest way I have found is to use http://cooltext.com/ to generate a logo or text if you don't have a logo. Once you generate the files you like download them. Then use a free image or graphics software like GIMP or Inkscape to put the files generated by CoolText into the correct size for your labels. Save your completed file as a PNG or JPG. I use Avery 5163 labels for my color laser printer You can go to Avery and download template for whatever label you choose. Open the template with Word and insert your graphic as a picture and copy this to each label.

Tips: Make sure in your Print settings the paper source is Label. It makes a big difference on mine and the ink doesn't run when it's set to label.

In Word you can play with the margins if you need to center the printing or you can double click on each image to adjust its size or crop it.

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Buy you some 2x4" Avery labels at Wal-mart. Go to Avery.com and download the template for you labels. You can find thousands of clipart images online. Save them and insert them into your label template and then you can add whatever font you want. Use Microsoft Office 2007. Its pretty easy. I made my forum picture using the same method. Good luck. PM me if you have any questions.

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Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign would be the professional choice. Illustrator is a vector drawing program used to create graphics/logos/illustrations. InDesign is a layout program for combining pictures/graphics and text. They are not super easy to use but produce professional quality results. Photoshop is also part of the Adobe Creative Suite and these three programs work together to edit, create and assemble professional print material.

I would go to a print shop to have the finished labe design printed but I am sure they have sticker paper that can run through regular deskjet printers.

I am a graphic design student and would be interested in helping some small bait makers develop logos and packaging if you would like, just send me a PM.


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