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Air Worm?

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I always liked deer skin gloves when I was welding and fabricating. They were a much softer leather and provided a better "feel" than some of the other leathers used to make gloves and they still offered great protection against burns. Pigskin is another leather that is more supple than cow hide, but I didn't think they offered as much protection as the deer hide since they were fairly thin.



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I hand pour a lot, and use NorPro silicone cups.  I use these insulated gloves:


They are easy to work with, and I haven't burned myself since I started using them.

I have smaller hands, and bought the medium size.

I only wear them for a few minutes at a time, and take them off to demold and trim my plastics.

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On 9/7/2015 at 8:52 PM, JRammit said:

I got a half cup on my left hand.. Dropped it, reflex catch it

Its no joke!

Ironic i have to wear gloves at work, and the blisters were too big to fit the glove over..... Lesson learned, best to wear gloves when melting plastic

On 9/8/2015 at 10:34 AM, JRammit said:

Ice water and pills!

I like the leather garden gloves.. They slide off and on easy when i need to do a tedious task

i live in boyd tx would like to meet you is it possible contact bedwell2003@yahoo.com

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I'm a little late to the dance here, but I not only remember these floating plastics I still have a couple of packs. There was a time when Power Worms came in a true floating variety. We used these to throw over lily pads and floating weed beds. Dang things were deadly in the summer. Then Berkley changed these to a suspending worm, even though they were still called floating. No bueno. The sunk in the weeds and with every cast you'd bring in about a half acre of salad back with you. Next up, Bass Pro had some sort of floating worms and lizards. Only around for a little bit. So what to do. Keep searching. We ended up buying these Air Worms  The looked as though they were the spawn of Leggos. French Fry was my preferred.

After a few casts, they would start to sink. Reel "em in and squeeze the water out and then good as new.  Eventually the lack of finding floating anything is what led me to start pouring my own. Bought a couple of silicone molds from Barlows. Some floating plastics, some bubbles, and chartreuse coloring. And we were back in business. It has to be over 30 years since I used those Air Worms. Nowadays I still make my own floating worms and lizards. Although a much better quality. Only colors made were white. pink, and chartreuse. Weird but each color worked only on specific bodies of water. Learned by trial and error. This year I plan to add black to my selection with maybe some glow parts for night fishing

Getting back to French Fry. I'd imagine they can be duplicated very easily. Just takes imagination. I like the bead chain idea. On the floating worms I made, I wanted one with a cupped head to act like a popper. Only had to put a backwards bullet sinker. Imagination.

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