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Uv lights and cancer

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Just saw on TV that women who have their nails done and cured with uv light are ending up with melanoma  to the hands and fingers. There are a lot of variables but it should  be brought up and discussed because there are a lot of guys using uv to cure lures. My first suggestion would be to use gloves and uv protection for your eyes. And as little exposure as possible 

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PPE is never a bad idea, that said what sort of UV matters  UVc is nasty stuff and should be avoided. it's used in sterilization for a reason.  The UVa and UVb are less so I don't think either could be used for sterilization (but idk for sure). both are still damaging to an extent

A light leak in the shop is not really an issue since light exposer is governed by the inverse square rule  double the distance and the exposure is 1/4  so baking your fingers at under an inch away from a bulb is a lot different that arms length. Still considering that the curing bulbs are so low powered how many nail jobs does it take to make a measurable increase in UV exposure compared to everyday sunlight.

Eyes would be the big issue and for mostly just guys who don't wear glasses plain glass blocks UVb and at least for the last 30 years UV protection has been a standard coating on plastic lenses that I have gotten.

Don't run your curing box open, if you need to spot cure use a flashlight or something directional and bobs your uncle




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Yep, PPE protection is not a bad idea if you are concerned.  I don’t expose my skin to a uv lamp for more than a few seconds, and I don’t look into the super strong light either. How much exposure is too much?  Well, suntans are caused by uv light too.  And sunlight contains the widest spectrum uv radiation.  Do you mummify yourself before fishing?  Some do. But I think a common sense approach to handling lures under uv is sufficient.  Whatever works for you.

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