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I ordered a quart of medium to test out. I'll pay close attention to bubbles, smell, clarity, shift if color when cooked, & strength then report back. Im still hard pressed to find one I like better than BP 242. 

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Ok, package came on lunch while I was at work today. I shot home quick, mixed the plastisol up good, poured a cup and popped in in the microwave for 3:40 total. I can say it's not not degassed, lots of bubbles. Not a big deal as the Calhouns/FGF flavor is much the same for me (it smells like Calhouns to me too). My degasser is down so I had to let it sit in the micro for a few minutes. most of the bubbles rose and popped. I also got 3 of their colorants (GP, Watermelon, Junebug). I chose Junebug, dropped 40 in the cup and it was thin, like.....MF thin. 90 drops to a cup got me the semi transparent Junebug I like for the Northeast. It has a little more purple than blue, which I like. The Em Grn flake picked up nicely. I cant say I WOULDNT buy it again....just wouldnt be my first choice of plastisol. I'll shoot the GP and Watermelon this week and post up those pics. Sorry for the blurry one.....phone wouldnt focus. My prefered plastisols in order are still:

1. Bait Plastics Low Odor 

2. Calhouns/FGF

3. Dead On

4. Ozark Tackle

5. Do-It


I havent tried MF, Lureworks, Barlows, or Lurecraft yet. 



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