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  1. Issue is to achieve the weight you want the mix needs to be like 90%+ Tungsten powder to epoxy. The mixture is too thick to pour into a cavity for a bait. For example the 1/4oz shakeyhead Do-It mold cavity I tried made about a 1/16oz Tungsten epoxy head. They actually came out great but way under weight for what I wanted.



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  2. KBS spray can is great for spinnerbait blades but I wouldn't use it on the baits you listed. If you are just making a few baits for yourself that make contact with rocks I recommend Devcon 2 ton 30 minute epoxy. For airbrushed baits that don't regularly contact rocks KBS Diamond Clear works but has its draw backs. KBS is finicky when it comes to storage? I have had some dry up in a week and some still good after 8 months. 



  3. On 11/3/2023 at 5:02 PM, The Jig Is Up said:

    Hello all,


    I'm looking for a heavy 90 degree jig hook that goes down to a size #4 or even a #6. What I have in mind is a small ballhead jig that would appeal to bass or even a big trout wanting small forage. The hook would need enough strength to not bend out during a fight with 8 or 10 lb line.


    I've searched a lot on this site and the general consensus points to the Mustad 32833 2X strong steelhead hook. While I agree that it's a dandy hook, I'd love to be able to find something similar that doesn't have the short eye length. Something that would work with minimal modification with most 90 degree jig molds.


    Only other idea I have is the Mustad 32500 skipjack hook. Seems like this hook can be found in #4 and #6 sizes and is a tad stronger than other hooks in that size range. It's still not as strong as the 32833, which is unfortunate.


    Does anyone know of any other hooks that fit the bill?

    Thank you!


    I wish they made the 32833 with a longer eye length. 



  4. On 11/13/2023 at 2:05 PM, Apdriver said:

    For quantity purchase, Worth, Lakeland, or Hagens. Personally I use worth and like their blades. For 5 or 10 the usual retail resellers work better.

    These are the manufacturers of the blades. Smaller quantities try Jann's Netcaft, Barlow's Tackle, or Lurepartsonline.



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  5. On 8/23/2023 at 11:16 AM, cadman said:

    I can tell you this, that I (would rather pour when its cold outside than in the hot humid summer. 


    Same here, I have 75% less issues pouring in cold weather than the hot humid summer.



  6. 1 hour ago, The Jig Is Up said:

    Glad to hear you found what you need. For the reference of anyone else who may stumble across this, I use a 1/16" drill bit for this and it works perfectly fine. I've made a couple hundred jigs like this without incident.


    With that said, there's a good chance I'll buy some of that Teflon rod and give it a shot. That's good stuff!

    Powder paint does not stick to Teflon which is why it is best for painting. My process for painting any hand pour jigs is to pour with a metal base pin, then wobble said base pin around in the head to create a funnel pattern. Then i use the teflon pins for powder painting.



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