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Can I freeze deer tails for making wire lures later in the year?

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Deer season is here. I have a few fellows saving tails for me. Being too busy at this time of year to tie any lures, I wonder if I can freeze the tails and use them in a few months during the Winter. If so, should I give them a quick wash to clean off the dirt and blood, hang them to air dry for a couple of days and freeze them in zip lock bags? It is OK to simply freeze them as cut off the deer and clean, debone and cure later? Any practical tips and sharing of methods is most welcome. Thanks in advance.

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I would do the quick wash, let them dry, stick them in a baggie and use them whenever.  When you get them out to use, gets them out of the freezer, tie what you want and pop them back in the freezer.  If you decide to debone them, take out the tail bone, scape the fat off and cover the remaining skin with borax or salt.  When you get them out to use, the borax stays on a bit better and doesn't make quite the mess.  You can just stick them back in the freezer and get them out long enough to use and pop them back in.  Don't have to let them thaw when you use them, just take them out while you are tying, use what you need and back to the freezer.  Don't want them to start stinking.  ARne.

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