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  1. https://barlowstackle.com/victory-41608-ni-spinner-bait-hooks-sizes-3-0-5-0/ Give these a try
  2. I found one that will work at FGF. Don't really feel as if the rings really make a difference. It's mostly used as a chatterbait trailer or on a scrounger head.
  3. Anyone seen a mold similar to either of these two baits? I'm making my way through all the websites and haven't located one yet.
  4. I only have one mold from there. Took about a month to get it.
  5. Bait Mold had a 3.8", five cavity, individual top ports on sale last week for $71.00
  6. I've seen several with twin tails but none with a triple. Doesn't mean it's not out there but haven't seen it. Bait Molds has some grubs that may suit your needs.
  7. Welcome aboard. I'm pretty much the same. Sometimes my local sales are more than I want! I do have a few guys that I ship to but keep that limited. Hate dealing with shipping myself.
  8. Guy gave me a couple and haven't had a bite on them. They look good but not sold on it.
  9. I'm lucky to live where I do. Pickwick is 30 minutes, Guntersville two hours, Tenn-Tom waterway is five minutes, Sardis, Enid and Grenada are 1 1\2 hours away. All are good fisheries for multiple species.
  10. I used to be an avid tournament angler. As I've got older and retired I hunt for the big girls as well as crappie fish. Living in the crappie capital of The world (Mississippi) two pound crappie are common and three pounders show up on a regular basis. Most my crappie fishing is on Sardis, Enid and Grenada lakes. We also have huge bass. Here's a nine pounder and a limit of two spots, two large mouth and one smallmouth:
  11. Complete d the mod today and it's pouring with no issues. Thanks guys!
  12. I wonder if JB Weld would hold? Just thinking out loud here. Some of my Texas rig hooks used for big worms I double a piece of big mono line and wrap much like tying a crappie jig.
  13. Not sure I have any molds that haven't been modified. Thanks guys!
  14. I have the original Do-it Midwest mold. Will the Victory 10777 hook work in this mold? I need one with the hook point more protected. The magnum mold don't have the sizes I want.
  15. None of the suppliers I buy from offer anything like that.
  16. I don't mess with remelts that have been fished. You'll never get rid of all that moisture. My sprues are thrown in a zip lock bag and stored in a plastic tote. A rice bag in the tote helps with the moisture. I'm not a big fan of salt but it's a necessary evil in some baits. I pitch a bag of rice in the storage container with it as well.
  17. Throw a rice bag in the container with your remelts.
  18. I use nylon mesh for scales.
  19. basskat


    Not sure what it is. Looked at eBay and all I found was Batman stuff.
  20. One of the first things I do with a new mold is shoot a cup of plastic through it to see how many baits it'll make. Once you know how many a cup makes your off to the races.
  21. basskat

    Lure wiring

  22. basskat

    Lure wiring

    Barlow's Tackle They have several different styles.
  23. Never tried it but pretty sure it will not. With the form mine uses it will always swing.
  24. I use both the hidden weight and traditional head spinnerbaits. I can't tell any difference in fish catching ability. My favorite is the bullet head. Seems to come through guerilla better than any other head style.
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