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    Here is the 4" Angling A.I. Cali Grub. 3" in the mold, 4" while swimming, sitting pretty on a 1/8oz jig head
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    Why does literally everyone paint crankbaits now? It seems just a few years ago it was a small group of people who actually painted but now it seems anyone and everyone does it! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but it’s definitely flooded the custom bait market and what used to be custom is just another crankbait. It’s kind of ridiculous. I think a big part of it is the Facebook pages, they see people painting and they want to do it. They paint for a week total and are all of a sudden opening a custom crankbait business. It just makes it hard for painters who are talented to make a living as crazy as it seems, and yes there are a few that do, to be able sell there paint jobs when it just gets copied by one of the Facebook page newbies and next thing you know they are trying to sell that color. Another thing the Facebook page has ruined is the learn as you go part and the time it takes to actually develop the skill to paint well. Everyone wants the know how and the how to put right in there lap. Just ridiculous man.
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    Plastic probably isn’t burnt, it’s the purple flake bleeding that’s causing the brown discolouration. Looks good for the first shoot then gets worse with each reheat.
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    Glass beads work great. And so does Salt .I use a mixture of the two to get the ballast I’m looking for. I will say this,if you use say soft plastic and add salt or glass beads. If you add softner to it . You will use a different amount of it depending on the ballast used . From my own experience I have found I can use less with the beads than I can with salt. From a use standpoint the beads will produce a far more durable bait than the salted one . Many folks here will agree with that.
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    Here is the way I see it. You just have to worry about yourself. You cannot stop what you are talking about. So you just need to do it better than everyone else. It is not an easy thing to do. Being the best never is. Bottom line is.....How bad you want it? Skeeter
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    But do you have lures you can’t even duplicate yourself lol I also don’t worry because I know people maybe able to create lures that look a like easily but it’s going to take someone with brains to re create the action
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    And if you have to ask how to make a certain color you probably shouldn’t be painting anyways.
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