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  1. Ten degrees at a time. Like I said before, 290 and below you start to run into other issues.
  2. It looks like you have good separation except with one cavity. The other four look good. Before you move any metal, exhaust all other possibilities of solution. Yes, reduce your temps. You may have shot the one cavity faster than the others. Only you with the mold and hot plastic knows your process. Sometimes to work out a problematic mold, it takes a lot of trial and error. Explore them all and just looking at your runners, just lower your temps and shoot slow.
  3. Toadfrog is spot on. Master Tacklecrafter. I bet he might do it for 10 bucks a jig. Maybe 9.50.
  4. Linked above, Les. 4th post from top.
  5. You may be able to remove it by clamping the two halves together and drilling it in a drill press. I have enlarged a runner successfully using this method.
  6. Right where the red circle is he put a large obstruction to the flow of the plastisol coming out of your nozzle and then this cavity down stream that has to be filled before the plastic flows through the gate. If it was mine, I would grind that out, polish it as best as I could and see if that helps. I don’t think you will have any issues if you could successfully remove that......whatever that is.......
  7. After looking at the mold, I believe the way the runner is cut is probably causing you some issues. In fluid dynamics, if you want laminar flow you shouldn’t put obstacles in the way of the fluid. That’s exactly what the designer did when he cut the runner on this mold.
  8. From what I understand, some ac motors you can but some you can’t. They do make speed controls for ac motors, though. Looking at the specs, it’s a split capacitor ac motor and not a good candidate from what I can tell just by some online references. Why don’t you send Baitjunky an IM and ask him what he used when he made some for resale. I don’t think he makes them anymore so he would possibly share that information. He’s a member here but not sure how often he visits.
  9. Nice price but you have to be careful how fast you spin your paddles. Too fast and you will incorporate bunches of bubbles or throw your plastic right out of the pot.
  10. Let us know if you get this ironed out. After looking at the mold closely, there may be something else if these suggestions don’t straighten out your issue.
  11. This mold should laminate. Very critical to get the viscosity of the two colors close. Usually we do this by having the temps close but depending on additives they can affect viscosity. You can eyeball it by pulling out your stirrer and letting some plastic drizzle back in cup. Not very scientific but works. The other thing I can suggest is slow your injection speed down. With the ribs, a really fast injection speed may tend to swirl those colors. If I’m having trouble with this, I’ll take my temps down too. 320 is as hot as I ever shoot and sometimes I’ll go below 300 if I’m having trouble with a laminate. 280 I start having other difficulties like freezing.
  12. Multi cavity mold? If so, can you show it to us or provide a link to it?
  13. I lay mine out and haven’t noticed any issues.
  14. Hmm. It’s a neat idea and I think your enclosure will work nice. One thing I think about is you need to replace the air you are exhausting with fresh air to create some flow and you can do that with some well placed ventilation holes or by creating a little space in your plexi. As you get into the soft plastics, another thing that comes to mind is the ability to do laminates and possibly two of your little fry daddies placed side by side so keep that in mind with whatever you are building. Two feet high isn’t enough room to work a couple pots and a twin injector. Probably not enough for a six inch single and a pot. And yes, you will want to go there more than likely as you progress in the hobby. I believe with an enclosed space your plan will work. Personally, I would vent to the outside as the plastisol can become quite strong especially if you burn some. Make your box a little larger and go with the 440cfm. That said, the 220 is moving almost 4cfm a second which should be fine in an enclosure. I’m no HVAC expert, though. JMO.
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