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  1. I just started using KBS and I recommend do small test batches till you get it right. My first two batches had issues with bubbles. Thin is the key and going beyond 2 coats a 24hr cure time is what I had to do to prevent it I am no expert with KBS but it does have its own learning curve. My first 2 batches had me debating on going back to Etex. works well once you get it right but do a few testers to start so it’s a min loss if it goes wrong
  2. There is a lot of done from scratch lures Myself I have never bought and blank ever. I make my own by hand carving a master out of wood and molding it. After that I create a resin/micro balloon recipe that gets the results I wanna. After that I can create as many duplicates as I need There are others here who duplicate their baits by hand carving each one. They keep good records of their measurements and process and repeat it. Others will do a similar process with a lathe you can also resort to building a duplicating machine Homemade baits don’t have to be one offs at all I have no clue about buying blanks so I can’t help with that part of your post here are 2 two duplicates just different paint jobs. Same weight, size, and action
  3. I would go with this idea if you want to keep it cheap and simple to try out lure building. Epoxy opinions are cheap but you also need a lure turner that increase the cost
  4. Can’t say I have ever tested it on Musky but I have a fishermen in Toronto who will be testing a few baits of mine this year Both pike and lakers have the same style of following. Laker are actually notorious for following behind the bait for extremely long periods. The theory is the wider belly is easier to see drawing attention from fish bellow your bait. It’s all about catching there attention. It has proven highly effective on lakers so far. The only thing that draws followers to bite is a hiccup in the action not the profile. That’s why myself and likely the rest of the members on this forum make turns and bump the throttle when we troll
  5. Here is what I am talking about this bait is under an inch tall and 1 1/2 wide across the belly
  6. Just got to work when I get home I will take pics to explain
  7. Wayne something I have found effective that you may want to try out is building a bait that is wider then it is tall. In my opinion a lot of the time the fish is looking up at your bait so a wide belly profile can help catch there attention. Combined with a paint job with contrast between the belly and sides alone with an action that has a wiggle combine with a good tip side to side. my goal is to try and get the contrast between the colour of the belly and sides to flicker. Just something I do with good results on a few baits
  8. All depends on where and what I am fishing for. Between pike and lake trout I can use anything depth wise. Size the lures I make mare between 4-8inch usually
  9. Not a bad idea and like you said it’s cheap
  10. Thanks for the tip I will try it might be just enough to prevent further issues most of the time painters tape is enough but 1 out of 30 I seem to get some primmer leak through
  11. Might want to add your location because there is builders from all over the world on here
  12. Thanks bob I use random cheap spray bomb primer. I will have to test your suggestion in the future By the lack of responses I assume most just make sure they keep the lip clean lol
  13. I hate judging material by pics but I will try If I am seeing it right it’s a coarse stiff hair on the outside that I assume is bucktail. The inside if it is a softer fluffy material it is likely marabou spun around the shank In my hand I would know right away but pics are tougher
  14. My user name is what it is for a reason The amount of things I know how to do but can’t explain is huge. Hand me the supplies and a goal odds are I will put it together with minimal effort. I just understand how to make things move But I have years of trial and error screw ups and I remember the results of each mistake. I remember what caused the problem and how I countered it. Stubborn problem solver really once I joined here and seen how the scientific guys go about things it definitely improved my knowledge and eliminated some trial and error in my builds In the end it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you are happy with the creation
  15. Every once in a while I have primer leak through the masking tape on the lip. The fish don’t care but people do so I have just kept them as personals or give them away as testers anyone have a trick for cleaning primer off of lexan without scratching or wrecking it?
  16. I am all for helping with advice on action and always a priority in my builds. Once he knows what he wants to accomplish and asks I will start trying to confuse the boy lol but I agree learning to accomplish action is more important then pretty
  17. Iwata neo is a good airbrush for the money I use one personally A hand rasp with a flat side and a curved side with both fine and course teeth is one of my favorite shaping tools. It’s cheap, safe to use and very useful in my opinion I second the bandsaw and the sander is handy too a drill of some kind. Drill press is nice but I have been getting by with a cordless for since I started years ago For a lure turner any bbq rotisserie works just build a stand. Honestly there is lots of options and if you want to build one ask for options and members here will give you ideas. This is only needed with epoxy clear coats like envirotex and D2T there is UV clear and Dips like KBS too that don’t need turners but have other issues depending on what style of lures he wants to build there is other handy things to have Other than that if you’re boy needs advice on a lure build ask away myself and others on this forum are willing to help
  18. You don’t need fancy tools so don’t let that hold you back I started with a pocket knife and sand paper.
  19. I build my baits so I just add the eyes later but I have used clay like a stencil before to create designs It works well just need to make sure the bait is cleaned before clear coating or the oils mess up the clear coat
  20. Oh I hated him even before it was cool and long before Covid19 lol
  21. Getting lure supplies and shipping sucks. We have an idiot girly boy running our country into the ground. Everything is frozen for over half the year but the hunting and fishing is great
  22. I am still in the research stage of plastics and have not taken the leap yet. From research some say they like it but it can be inconsistent. But I don’t have first hand experience I have only remelted some old plastics To try a few things so far.
  23. Check plastic world in Ontario $215 5gal alumisol. With you being in Quebec the shipping from Ontario should not be too bad
  24. I am in Canada I regularly have resin, paint, and cleaner shipped to me I also know I can have plastisol shipped because I have inquired on the cost from one supplier.
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