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  1. Hey all. Have a few questions but I’ll start with 2 and go from their. 1-whats the easiest way to foil some saltwater diamond, flutter, speed jigs as a diy from home. 2- where is the best place to get foil that have nice holographics or even better would be have fish patternes. Thanks.
  2. G finish with nail art powder? I have been continuing to experiment, this time foiling with nail art film. I made some notes about these experiments on the comments
  3. Chuck Young

    Brown F-14 1.JPG

  4. Pickadoll


    Foiled trolling bait for Northern pike.
  5. Hi Guys, I recently tried my hands on making a crankbait with foil scales on it, I'm extremely happy with the result. Let me know what you think. I'd love to know if anyone else uses silver foil/tape as well and what technique they use.
  6. Ive been experimenting with foil wrapping my crankbaits, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to go about painting them to get a nice shine. I've read that you're supposed to coat the lure before painting, but I'm thinking that if you don't paint the foil before coating, that the foil won't shine through the paint... I painted one last night directly on the foil and it doesn't shine through either (the paint is opaque, so you can't even tell that I foil wrapped it, it looks like a normal painted lure). I was told that "glass paint" or "window paint" will allow the foil to shine through the
  7. barrybait

    20150417 132557[1]

    Light Clear Lake Hitch I foiled and painted for a friend
  8. barrybait

    20150514 092138[1]

    12" ABT Glide Bait I stripped, foiled, and painted for a friend. Flash Carp type look to it.
  9. barrybait

    20150324 090347[1]

    ABT Glide Bait I foiled and painted. I used "cheap" kitchen type foil attached with Solarez UV cure resin using MEKP for curing agent. This bait has a distinctive and fairly deep scale pattern in the mold. All Createx paints. Used opaque white to cover the seams, then transparent paints for body and back. Opaque black for spots and pearlized white for belly. Seems the overspray of the white covered the foil more than I wanted but it comes through in outside light better. One of my first attempts with foil. Barry
  10. barrybait

    20150324 090433[1]

    ABT Glide Bait I foiled and painted. This bait has a deep scale pattern in the mold. I applied imitation silver leaf to this bait to compare to the kitchen foil type of my other bait. Attached the leaf to the bait with D2T pressing down with breath and cotton ball. Scrubbed it off with DA a couple times before I got an acceptable job this being one of my first attempts at this procedure. Wanting the silver sides of the natural trout effect I was careful not to get too much transparent white on the sides. Seams much easier to hide due the leaf being very thin base coated edges opaque white
  11. Yesterday I attempted my first two hard bait foiling projects. Read all the posts after searching 'foiling' but there is just nothing like actually doing it that brings up a few questions. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought imitation silver foil, the "Spray It" Permanent Metal Leaf Adhesive, and the Spray It Metal Leaf Sealer. Instructions on the can of adhesive were simple. Spray adhesive, apply metal leaf while adhesive still wet, Spray Sealer over finished foiling. My main troubling aspect of this process is...How does the adhesive dry under the foil? Reading the posts, whether it is
  12. CustomBaits4You


    Here's a recent photo finish I have done.
  13. Pickadoll

    Foil experiment

    I experimented with foil a couple of days ago. Think it looks pretty cool . Just need some paint over it.
  14. I used HVAC tape for this one
  15. This is another one that I did for fun. Let me know what you think.
  16. I was in a mood to do something a little different so....here it is. I know this is not very practical or realistic looking, in fact it is kind of wild looking but I like to mix it up once in a while. This was something I did for the fun of it. My wife called this group of baits ( I made 3 of them ) my Fast and Furious Lures. Let me know what you think.
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