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Do Any Of You Sell Your Creations In A Tackle Store?

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Have you gotten any feedback for this?  What have you tried so far?

I'm also thinking about trying this.  So far I've approached one shop owner, but they were not interested at this time.  He mentioned he sometimes will sell baits on commission, so he doesn't have to put any money down.  That might be a reasonable way to get started.  What sort of baits do you make?  I'm just getting started, so I don't really have a niche.

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There is definitely members here who sell baits to shops I have off and on for years. The downside selling to a shop vs direct to the customer is pricing so both you and the shop owner make a profit. Some stuff is just not worth selling this way because of profit margins. I have actually turned down offers to sell to shops many times 

Having a relationship or reputation with a shop owner goes a long ways. 

Approaching a shop owner you don’t know you need a silver tongue. You are not the first or last guy to try and sell them stuff. A little trick is bait them before you make a pitch. Buying a small amount of building materials like hooks and split rings from them with a prototype in your hand “to be sure you get the right size” works. If you can get them interested in your work without trying to sell it to them works wonders :rolleyes:

Find the local fishermen that is a trend setter and get them to use your lures. If you can get them talking it will get others talking. This is not always the best fishermen but a good fishermen that talks a lot. If you are that guy or friends with them it’s easier lol

Go fishing popular waters and talk to fishermen. Make sure you can catch fish on your gear there and do well. If you can have it so people see you catching an above average number of fish it goes a long way. If you can dominate a derby or tournament even better 


if you can get fishermen to want your lures and talk about them get a shop owners interest is a cakewalk. There is a lot I did not post

Honestly though do to profit margins selling to shops vs private I don’t put much effort into shops anymore. I would rather sell less at a higher profit and make more in the long run



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