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Can you use leftover plastic pucks?

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New to bait making and I can’t find much info on what to do with your leftover plastic after a pour. How many times can I re-heat my old pucks before it goes bad? Can I continuously re-melt my excess of a certain color or is that a no go?


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Cut your pucks into very small pieces or find a way to grind them up. Do not try and reheat the entire puck. Go slow on the reheat. I find the brighter colors, orange, yellow, clear, will darken some after a few reheats. Not a lot, but it will be slightly noticeable. I've got pucks up the wazoo, and I'm always reusing them for something. Or blending them to experiment with colors. I just cut mine up with sharp scissors. Takes a few minutes. I'm pretty sure someone here has a better way.

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14 hours ago, Driftwood said:

Get a cheap meat grinder from harbor freight. I always add some regrind to fresh plastic( same color of course) to cut down on waste. I also add heat stabilizer.

Is this electric or hand crank?

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When I was a kid, back in the 50's, my mom had a cast steel pressure cooker, and a cast steel meat grinder that clamped on the pullout cutting board.  So did most of her friends, because they ground their own hamburger and sausage meat.  Different world back then.

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