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Moisture ??

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It's been raining down here for like 2 months and paired with our already high humidity my bags of remelts are full of moisture. I mean like water droplets in the bags. I've been wanting a vacuum chamber so my question is can I vacuum the plastic to help remove moisture before I melt it?

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8 hours ago, basscatlildave said:

Can I melt a small batch then vacuum the bubbles out?

I have tried to remelt moisture laden baits with salt and it turned into a great big mess. I would wait until a sunny hot day and lay those baits out in the sun. Let the sun, heat, and uv take care of the moisture and then you’ll have better luck I believe.

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I don't mess with remelts that have been fished. You'll never get rid of all that moisture.

My sprues are thrown in a zip lock bag and stored in a plastic tote. A rice bag in the tote helps with the moisture.

I'm not a big fan of salt but it's a necessary evil in some baits. I pitch a bag of rice in the storage container with it as well.

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