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  1. That's why I like my bench top band saw cuts anything. Wayne
  2. I ordered 3 lures on Ebay that were supposed to be wood, so I thought nothing of soaking in acetone overnight guess what yep, they were plastic two down one to go. You never know for sure what you get so just scratch it a little to make sure it is wood. At my age I am still learning. Wayne
  3. Small lures I just dip in KBS, larger lures 8" or more I brush on epoxy and use lure turner. Wayne
  4. I will DITTO RiverSmallieGuy. Wayne
  5. I will be finishing up about six different colors and the clear coat so far, they look good. Wayne
  6. I have tried to keep it small just as a hobby but when you look on eBay the Chinese got the corner on the market. You can't beat their price if you try you lose money. So, I will just try and use up all the lures that I bought finish painting and sell anywhere I can, two more years then I will be done. Then at 81 years old I will just putt with a few of my own design till the end. I really like flea markets where I meet fellow fishermen and just talk fishing. I did do some wholesale, but you wait for the money and 40% of the profit goes down the drain with it. I can do three flea markets a week in my area at 15 to 20 bucks and do ok getting my price. I don't have a web site anymore so I will just try to go through face book. Making a living at this is tough way to make money like cards you come to a point in the game and you either go all in or fold. So best of luck with your business. Wayne
  7. Cedar Run Outdoors or Lure Parts Online. Not sure it is exactly but really close. Wayne
  8. I have had a sharpener for a long time and its ok, but I still change blades, I am not much of a carver, but I try. Wayne
  9. The easy way is to just cut the wire and go from there. If you don't want to do that then tape and sand a little on the tail section and paint. Like I said just cut the wire and take it apart and sand then reprime, and paint then finish with a clear coat. Wayne
  10. How about Minwax Sanding Sealer wayne
  11. Since I do not carve, I use Cedar for cranks, Basswood for making a lure that I plan on molding Maple depends on lure type and size. Wayne
  12. I had this problem around the eyes. I super glued the eyes and when I used too much it bubbles around the eyes, now I use very little glue just a tiny drop will do, but it would happen right away not weeks later. I am using 3D eyes. It seems to work for me. It seems that something is not curing right. Wayne
  13. I solved my problem by using glitter from walmart first spray area with clear coat and sprinkle on glitter, it worked. Wayne
  14. MudBug Great write up I have a lot of old lures that do not have markings this will help. Wayne
  15. Well this lure is not a Helins lure instead It is a Flatfish or Lazy Ike imitation bait. Value 5 to 10 bucks I think I will just keep it. He said he has had a few of these baits. Keith at https://www.mybaitshop.com/pages/helin-tackle-company was very helpful. Thanks Guys especially Mud Bug.
  16. Thanks Mudbug this will help alot. Wayne
  17. Between colors (createx) I have an ice cream pail next to me with hot soapy water and use it to clean my air brushes, just dip a few times and clean. then when I have time I take apart and clean with restorer. As soon as a air brush gives me trouble I give it a good cleaning. No sense fighting with it. So its best to keep it clean, I only use water base paints sticking with createx products. Wayne
  18. Thanks MudBug Does anyone know of a site that I could get more info on this lure. Wayne
  19. First, I have no plans on selling this lure, I will try and find more information on the X5 and see where it goes. Too bad there are no markings on this lure that would really help. Thanks Guys! Wayne
  20. Sometimes I use my sawzall just tape a bottle to a blade. Wayne
  21. Since I paint in my basement, I use a box fan with filter and a dryer hose out the sill board. It works for me, I use just about all water base paint and any strong smell comes from final coatings. Wayne
  22. I have this flat fish lure but never seen one like this Size is 23/4 long and 3/4 wide at its widest. weighs about 1/4 oz. Hooks are screwed in a slot on bottom. Silver and Black. Pictures
  23. First what type of tools do you have, then what type of wood can you get, then if no tools then RiverSmallie way will be good to start. I myself turn or cut out of cedar to try fishing then if working how I want it I will either make more or switch to bass wood for a final lure to make a silicone mold to make as many as I want. Size will make a difference to what type of wood, I myself make most out of cedar because I am into Musky baits but Bass also, from 4" to 12" so there is a wide variety of where you want to start. Lots of guys here to help you along just ask. Wayne
  24. ravenlures


    What type of lure is it, many guys here might help you out if you can put a picture on this forum. Wayne
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